2014 in Review – The People, The Events, The Haircuts….


At the end of each year I like to take a look back and see what the past year has looked like as a whole.  As things happen throughout the year I tend to either forget about them, or forget they happened this year.  It is a fun “year in review” for me… and I thought this post would work wonderfully for Saturday Snapshot.

*Note all links lead to the original posts written on these events.


January 2014…


This was the first year I hosted the First Book Of The Year meme and it was sooo much fun!  50 people from around the world joined me by sending in a picture of then with the first book that they planned to read for the New Year.  It seriously brought tears to me eyes!  (I am hosting this one again if you would like to sign up)



My friend Amy and I also started off the New Year by running the Polar Dash 5K on January 1st in St Paul, Minneapolis.  Yes, it was cold but a great way to start out the New Year!  (There are some great shots on this post including a guy who ran the MARATHON version of this run in a speedo.)



Harper Collins blessed our Book Club with copies of the Labor Day book by Joyce Maynard as well as tickets to go see the movie and a gift card to purchase goodies to enjoy with the movie!



Going to the Pink Concert!



A few of us drove to see author Wendy Webb on the release day of her newest book, The Vanishing.



Spending time with Author Patrick Ness!  (Author of an excellent series, The Knife Of Never Letting Go.



February 2014…


Dog sledding for my friends birthday!



Bookies out for horduerves and then to the Labor Day Movie!



I asked my College son for the gift of levitation for my birthday.  I had found instructions of how to do it on Picmonkey and Justin came through!



Locking myself our of my car at the cabin… on the North Shore… on a Sunday.  Egads.



Detroit Lakes getaway with friends – Sara, Heidi, and Cindy



March 2014…


The Bookies trying coke and salted peanuts for our review of The Secret Life Of Bees.



The Get Lucky run – 5k!



The Glow Run with Laura and Amy!  I did not write a post up on this… it was a run at night and it was hard to get any pics 🙂


Spring Library sale!


April 2014…


April… and still snowing.



Cabin weekend of books and time with Sammy the dog.



May 2014…


Justin graduated from college in May!!!



Jon Hassler Library Dedication event.



Harper Collins party in New York during BEA and AWKWARD Twitter moment….



June 2014…


Nathan Jorgenson Author event.



Speaking at the Blogger Con in New York on Taking Your Writing to the next level.



More details on the Harper Collins party in New York.


BEA Author breakfasts:  Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segal, and Jeff Kinney (DIary Of A Wimpy Kid)



My five year Blogiversary!



Camp Benedict – a camp for those infected and affected by AIDS



July 2014…


The Bookies Queen event!



The GIGANTO rabbit in my yard all summer!



Author Julie Kramer event.



Tour of Saints 50 mile bike ride.



A New Normal.


August 2014…



Wisconsin MUCKFEST! 



More about the Muckfest.



Bookies going to an author event!



Author Christina Baker Kline Event!



Learning to extract honey right from the hive!



Wine and Words The Event!!!  212 awesome guest!



Wine and Words after the party!


September 2014…



Hair cut 😉



The Fall Book Sale – going to the next level 🙂


October 2014…



Wine and Words wins best new Friends event in Minnesota!



The big author event in St Paul Minnesota and I think I honestly forgot to recap it! Good grief!



Monster Dash with my friend Wendy (I dont think I posted this either…)

November 2014…


Harry Potter World in Florida with Justin!



My thoughts and review of the Gringotts Bank Ride at Universal Studios



Working in Florida with bees



Thanksgiving with the family!


December 2014…

Nothing going on at this time in December.  I have been working in the house and writing.


SO that’s the year so far.  It has been one of many different hair styles, events, friends, family.  It has been a year of change that is for sure.  I am excited to see what 2015 will hold.

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31 thoughts on “2014 in Review – The People, The Events, The Haircuts….

  1. Wow you’re organised – I haven’t had time to even think about an end of year wrap up let alone trawl through old posts for inspiration – congrats on a great year 🙂

  2. What a great post and what an amazing year!!! See, I KNEW you were busy! 😉

    And those Muckfest nets reminded me of Sesame Place. LOVED going there! I will again, once the grandkids come, only I REALLY won’t be able to climb them by THAT time! lol Thanks for sharing these, Sheila 🙂

      1. Excellent philosophy,Sheila!!! I’ve had to say “no” to many things for a very long time and often wish I hadn’t wasted my youth, so you’ve got it right, woman, at least within reason lol

        1. I used to say no all the time when the boys were growing up… I turned down group events, girls weekends, going out with friends… I am actually surprised (and thrilled0 that they kept asking. I learned that I could be a good mom and participate in fun things too… in fact, I came back a better mom 🙂 Now the boys are grown and gone and I thank God for the great friendships I have – in real life, and on line 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great year! My sister in law went to Harry Potter world this year and loved it! She is obsessed with the books. Can you still do the first book of the year if you read on a Kindle and can’t really send a picture with the book cover?!

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