Morning Meanderings… The Post I Was Planning To Post has been…. ummm… postponed.


Good morning!

Snap Crackle… P’o’d.

Ok.. that seems strong for an innocent Tuesday morning when I really have been up for a little over an hour and I can not take certain THINGS out on the day….

or can I?

This is the weather forecast for Minnesota as of last night…


That’s Brainerd upper left at 3.6 inches.  And yes… its happening right now. 

My post was going to be about this guy that walks outside my office window spring though fall and sings.  All the time.  Always singing, always loud… and I love his free spirit.. but that post will wait…

because of the s____.

I can think of another 4 letter “s” word that comes to mind.


Have a super day 🙂

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  1. Seriously? I hate to tell you this, but I’ve been using my air conditioner this week!

  2. I have the same feeling about this weather. It’s APRIL!!

  3. We had an inch and a half of the stuff here too. It’s melted now but yeah, annoying, and still cold outside.

  4. hard to imagine how it must feel when we’ve been boiling hot for a while . . . sorry, don’t lob your stapler at me

  5. Do you mean it snored again? 😉

  6. You’re having it rough weatherwise. Heard about Minnesota on Good Morning Smerica .

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