Morning Meanderings…. Recovery


Good morning!  How ya all doing?  Any turkey hangovers out there?  Shopping hangovers?

I am good, I did not eat a lot of turkey and for the first time since I can remember we decided to vote “NO” on the going out and battling the crowds for a few reasons:

1.  It is Minnesota and it is COLD

2.  We were not in the mindset to deal with pushy people and long lines

3.  There was really nothing any of thought we had to have.

I am so glad we did not go.  The looking through the sale ads and planning our attack takes so much time out of our just hanging together.  It is usually Justin and I who are crazy enough to go, leaving Brad who goes home and Al who watches a little tv and then goes to bed.

This year, we hung out, played board games, watched movies, and stayed warm.

The one game we played that I LOVE is Book Lovers Scrabble.

My friend Gail found me this little treasure and it is a lot of fun.  It is basically Scrabble but you can earn bonus points for literary words (you know like “novel, writing, book) and you can earn extra points for using words in a book title and even an author’s name as long as you can recite the full title of the book you are referring to or the author’s name.

Another fun part of this game are the cards called Plot Twists.  Each player has three at all time and they can be played one per turn.  As you can see they are super fun and game changing. I had one that said that all players must put their current titles in the middle and we all re-pick from those.  My son had one that said you could ask the other players if they had a letter you needed (such as an “A”) and if we had it we had to give it to them.

In the end…  Justin won.

PicMonkey Collage

Justin (far right) looks like he is too good for us “losers”… Brad (far left) was about 100 points behind him and I was more than that.  He smoked us!  🙂

After board games we watched, Blended, 22 Jump Street, Maleficent, and just because I like to throw a little educational movie into our holidays (ask Justin – one year we watched The Boy In The Striped Pajamas for Easter); we watched And The Band Played On.

Today, Justin and I will be making Pumpkin Rolls before he needs to head back home to St. Paul.  Al and Brad are working.  Once the house is quiet today I will be back into a good read.  It is starting to snow and I have no where I need to go.  A perfect plan.

As for now… my home is quiet.  Al is already gone… Justin is still sleeping.  COFFEE CUP and I are at the kitchen table, plotting and planning what this weekend will look like.  🙂

What do the next few days look like for you?  Are they crazy busy?  Or nice and mellow?



20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Recovery

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…We decided to stay home with just the 3 of us. My husband and I and our daughter. This is unusual as we normally go to my brother’s with he, his wife and their 10 kids and various wives and children…we enjoyed our quiet one at home this year:)

  2. That Scrabble for Book Lovers looks good. I like how you do the games in your book room…or did you just take pix there? LOL.

    I love a cozy, lazy Thanksgiving, and mine was like that, too. Dinner at my daughter’s, with only one grandchild. Will catch some of the others on Saturday.

    Shopping is out…except a brief errand to the grocery store. Then home to read and watch movies I’m recording.

    1. We did play in the book room because of the Olson table. 🙂 We (my husband and I) rescued an antique claw foot square table out of a demo house last fall. The house was condemned – there were a lot of things remaining in the home that makes me feel something happened there that caused the family to leave. The roof was caved in on the house but this table was covered with a thick picnic table cloth which saved in from much of the damage the rest of the furniture suffered. Last Thanksgiving was the day the boys and I brought it into our home. The family who used to live in the house were the Olson’s so I call it the Olson table. Last year we played games on it to invite them into our home and this year we did the same. I like to think they would be happy to know the table found a loving home. 🙂

  3. I am heading to Sydney for a few days for a girl’s week out with a good friend and they Sydney Theatre Co Tuesday night. Looking forward to bookish and theatre days in 80 degree temperatures. Sydney is warmer than our Tasmania right now as we head into summer days.

  4. I am going to try to find Book Lovers Scrabble. My son and daughter-in-law would love it. We had a quiet Thanksgiving too. DH, granddaughter, her husband and son and me. We did not do Black Friday either! ICK!

  5. Sheila, it sounds like you had a much better time than if you’d gone shopping, that’s for sure! 😀

    My aunt and uncle ended up staying today (they planned to leave this morning, but my aunt has a lot of issues with her health plus anxiety, so they didn’t leave ’til after 5. I enjoyed them being here, especially since we never know how much longer my aunt will be with us, but I’m happy the holiday is over. I have to try to find some form of normalcy (whatever THAT is! lol). Right now I’m catching up on a few picture books that I have renewed from the library several times over months and I now owe money on *sheesh* and am about to read today’s page quota for Harry 🙂

  6. My mother-in-law’s birthday is on Thanksgiving. This year for the first time, we celebrated her birthday on Thursday. For our family, Thanksgiving is today. Food is just preparing prepared. 🙂

    Normally, I avoid Black Friday. This year Barnes and Noble lured me to their store with signed copies of books. I bought a lot of gifts and the lines were minimal.

    Book Lovers Scrabble intrigued me so much I looked it up. It seems hard to get a new copy, but I also found games like Book Lovers Memory and Book Lovers Jenga. I might have some new gift ideas!

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