Morning Meanderings…. A Dog Sledding Book Lover!


Hey all!  Happy Saturday!  I have been up for a couple of hours with the best intentions to write this post.  Then… I decide to make coffee.  And I am out of the pods that make the regular coffee. And then I decide to list the Tassimo coffee pot on the Facebook garage sale sight which means to bring my old coffee pot back upstairs and take pictures of the Tassimo.  (Nothing wrong with the coffee pot just that locally I can not find the pods for it and I am tired of ordering 20+ dollars worth of coffee pods on line… borderline crazy I think 😉 )  I upload the pictures and describe the coffee pot. THEN…. I go on the House Party site and sign up for another house party offer…. then I go on Facebook (you can almost hear the suction noise as I get caught up there…. I chat with a local author… talk with her about Wine and Words…  send her the information and then my mind says “Ooh!  I should update the Wine and Words website!”  Then I send out emails to last years authors asking them if they will shoot me a quick email regarding their experience last year with Wine and Words so I can add their thoughts to the website… in the mean time someone tells me they are interested in the coffee pot…


And…. I am back to this post.

Last weekend I had the awesome sauce opportunity to take a long-term goal off my bucket list.  I went with a group of friends into Duluth Minnesota and we went dog sledding!  YUP!  Dog sledding!

We went to a fairly new place called Endurance Kennels. It was a blast!  At first I felt a little sad for the dogs… last Saturday was COLD – I believe it was 6 below zero when we ventured out.  Yet once the dogs were hooked up to the sled you could see that they loved this.  A couple of them were jumping straight up in the air they were so ready to go!


My friend Belinda petting one of the dogs.
Me… about as bundled as it gets 🙂
Me and Diane – ready to go!
Belinda and Sheila – Sheila was the birthday girl and we were celebrating!


It was an awesome experience!  Here’s my tips if you go:

1.  Dress Warm – the speed of the sled creates wind and the dogs kick up snow as they go.

2.  Snowmobile goggles would be a good idea – at the very least sun glasses.  I had sun glasses on but they quickly fogged up and I could not see through them.

Thanks to Saturday Snapshot for giving me an opportunity to show my pictures of a fun event!

35 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. A Dog Sledding Book Lover!

  1. Wow … it looks like it was a total blast! I was worried while reading your post that it was too cold for the dogs, but I’m glad to know that the dogs loved it.

  2. Looks like fun!

    Get a Keurig. You can buy a filter to make it possible for ‘regular’ coffee and then you can try all the different flavours out there, too.

  3. Brrrrrrr. Unlike us mere humans those doggies are built for the snow. Looks like fun but there is nothing cold weather related on my bucket list!

  4. Man, it looks like they are flying, they’re moving so fast! I don’t think I would have been out in weather that cold. Scratch that–I KNOW I wouldn’t have been out in weather that cold! Our area basically shuts down when we get that low. It does look like a ton of fun though!

    We buy our Tassimo pods at Bed Bath & Beyond, if you have those up there.

  5. Wow! What an adventure! I’d enjoyed the photos but it’s the short video clip that makes it all come alive. I’ve been in Canada for over 4 decades but have never been on a dog sled. 😉

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