Morning Meanderings… MONSTER Rabbit


Happy Sunday!  The sun is out and I get the good feeling it is going to be a beautiful day!  Not a lot of the agenda today – I may try to take a bike ride this afternoon, after all we have the 50 mile ride next Sunday and I have hardly rode at all this year!  EEP!


This year we have a few rabbits in the yard and I love that.  In the evening from the back deck I can sit and watch two little ones play out on the edges of the property between the house and Al’s shop.  I never seem to have my camera ready when I can catch them up close.

Yesterday morning I was on the phone chatting away with a friend on the deck when a LARGE rabbit lumbered (lumbered? yeah… that’s right) through the yard.  I told my friend he must be about a 20 pounder… like a small dog!  (Ok, I may have told her 40 pounder but you know… look at the size and double it… like fishing.  😉 )

Last night I finally caught a picture of him but he was far out and I did not get a great shot, but I will keep trying.

Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal

In bookish news, a few treasures came in this week:


Book Journey, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell Inamorata, The Drop, Dennis Lehane, Nadia Hashimi, Megan Chance

The Drop by Dennis LeHane (ooh I like LeHane’s writing!)

Inamorata by Megan Chance (BEAUTIFUL cover!)

The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi (there is some buzz going around about this one!)


Great reading ahead!  Currently… I just finished Hurricane Sisters (LOVED!!!!!!) and should finish today You Should Have Known; also really good.  More about that tonight, when I post It’s Monday, What Are You Reading.

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… MONSTER Rabbit

  1. I lumber sometimes too😂😂. Good luck on your bike ride, how fun👍👍. Someone else was talking about, “The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell”, they said it was very good….can’t wait to see what you think. Oh and, great catch….40pounders a keeper👍👍

  2. The Pearl was on my TBR list and is now in my ebooks. Sounds a LOT like American Dervish from a few years back

  3. I like Kathy’s idea for the children’s book about the monster rabbit. Except maybe not use the word monster. LOL! We have a lot of bunnies here, too. Annoying as they eat all of the flowers. Good luck with your race next week!

  4. I have rabbits in my yard, too. This morning I saw one sitting on the deck under the table that holds my strawberry plant washing its face. It was so cute!

  5. The Pearl looks like an interesting read from the little I know about it. I really need to read Dennis Lehane– so many people have recommended him to me because of my taste in books. Someday, someday..
    Have a great week cycling, and watch out for running over that huge rabbit 🙂

  6. We’ve had a rabbit population explosion in my area but none as large as the one in the picture. Sleep with one eye open 😀

  7. Looking with envy at the Dennis Lehane. I love the rabbits in our yard, especially when they jump and play with each other. This evening we were treated to 2 chipmunks chasing each other around our patio. They’re so cute.

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