Morning Meanderings… Off The Grid, Books and Runs


Good morning!  I did not mean to fall off the grid this past week but I apparently did.  Yes I have books to share, and happenings and all that stuff but running out the door in the morning and not back until night has taken its toll… This week I hope will be better. 😀  With the spring book sale this week I will have plenty to talk about.

Yesterday, if I would have been home my Saturday snapshot would have been this:


Yesterday my friend Wendy and I ran a 7k in Minneapolis called the Get Lucky. This was my second time running this one and Wendy’s first.  The weather was fair, around the 20’s – much better that last years cold and windy jaunt. 


12,000 people were at this run.  No kidding!  Another 3,000 were in St Paul doing a half marathon at the same time.  I love how big these runs and fun events have become.  I think last year it was about 7,000. 

I was not home last weekend so this book pic is the accumulation of two weeks of literary fun that has come to my home:


I should have posts later today and throughout the week of reviews, the book sale and… another run next Saturday night called the Glow Baby Glow!  (Kind of excited about that one!)

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Off The Grid, Books and Runs

  1. You call in the 20’s fair? It was in the mid 70s here yesterday. I love how y’all really got into the spirit of the race!

    You got a lot of good looking books! The title of Mommy’s a Mole makes me laugh.

  2. I pretty much fell off the grid last week too – it happens! The run looks like a fun time but too cold for me even though I should be acclimated to winter by now.

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