Morning Meanderings: Awkward Moments At The Book Expo


Good morning from New York!  I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I have just been running from morning to night at the Book Expo in New York.

I have MANY things to share with you once I come home about the expo, the books, the people, the events…  but for now… just a funny little story and a couple of pics for Saturday Snapshot. 🙂

So… on Wednesday at the Blogger Convention, author Maureen Johnson was the keynote speaker.  At the beginning of her talk she mentions the book 50 Shades Of Gray.  Alison from Alison’s Book Marks and I have a joke about that book so I put on Twitter “20 minutes in and already a mention of 50 Shades Of Gray” and tagged Alison.  (I did not realize due to poor internet reception that this tweet did not post but went into drafts instead.)

Anyhoo…. flash forward to yesterday morning and Alison and I are at the Children’s breakfast which was AMAZING with moderator, Jason Segel. (Yes!  That Jason Segel!) I put on Twitter that I am at the Children’s Breakfast at the book expo.   Then Twitter pops up on my phone and says

“you have drafts to send would you like to send them now?”


I click yes… and before I know it, following my “I am at the Children’s Breakfast at the book Expo” tweet is…

“20 minutes in and already a mention of 50 Shades Of Gray” 





Anyhoo… today is my last day at the expo.  I am heading that way in about an hour to wrap up a few things but for my Saturday Snapshot post I thought I would send a couple of pics your way….  also, please see my posts at Armchair BEA where I have interviewed a couple of authors and publishing houses. 😀

zombie, New York, Book Expo, BookJourney, Sheila DeChantal
Outside… across form our hotel? Should I be worried? Is there where watching The Walking Dead pays off?


Harper Collins, Book Journey, Book Expo, Sheila DeChantal, Adriana Trigiani, Dorothy Benotn Frank, Stephanie Evanovich
The Harper Collins Blogger Party… from the left: Dorothy Benton Frank, me, Adriana Trigiani, and Stephanie Evanovich. Made my night!


Streets of New York


New York, Book Expo, Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal
Walking back to our hotel – with (center) Alison from Alison’s Book Marks and (right) Candace from Beth Fish Reads


Catch you back in Minnesota!

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: Awkward Moments At The Book Expo

  1. Ah, looks like such a fun trip. I’m looking forward to one day being there too!

    LOL on the tweet. I’ve had text messages do that. They should just automatically send when the connection is restored, but no, they lurk and wait to try and make us look foolish!

  2. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you return!! 2 summers ago during the height of 50 Shades book sales I was working at B&N, we couldn’t believe how many books we were selling…it was sad and true. Daily bookseller fodder.

  3. Oh that is just so funny. Laughed totally out loud. Meant to be as it gives us all some joy!

  4. What great pics! And that’s too funny about the order that your tweets went online. I’m glad I had a chance to meet you. Looks like you had a fantastic time at BEA. I had a wonderful experience meeting authors and publishers. Got home not too long ago and my kids and I dug into my luggage to look at all the books!!

  5. Looks like a great event! I love your story about 50 Shades / Children’s Breakfast. Something along those same lines happened with my first book, I.O.U. Sex. It’s a baby boomer romance and somehow ended up listed in Amazon’s baby books category! I contacted them immediately to correct that.

  6. Glad you enjoyed BEA. I was there Thursday–Saturday. I couldn’t get to the blogger convention because Library Journal does an all day event that day, which is followed by a dinner co-hosted by the Association of American Publishers and Library Reads.

    For me, BEA is book heaven on earth.

  7. OK, the tweets timing cracked me up, and I love the “Zombie Response Team” SUV. Funny stuff! Going to read all those interviews and summaries later on. REALLY looking forward to it to share more of what your BEA experience was like. Meeting and talking to Jon Scieszka would have definitely been THE highlight for ME! How great! 😀

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