Morning Meanderings… Last Weeks CONCERT!


Good morning!  Happy Saturday!  I think it snowed here again last night.  Poo.  I am sooooo over it.  😛

Last weekend I had the fun opportunity of going to Fargo with three of my friends and going to a PINK concert.  We have a little history with PINK that I posted about last week so we were a little nervous.  But – imagine our surprise when no unforeseen catastrophe cancelled the concert, we did not come down with some strange illness that prevented us from attending, our car made it to Fargo with no break downs AND by golly…. our tickets were good.  😀

For Saturday Snapshot this morning I thought I would show you some of the amazing concert:


Upper left – yes that is her in the air. A regular Tinker Bell! The rest are different stage sets





She seems like an amazing person inside and out. She was funny and great with the audience. She stopped to sign posters ans shirts. She thanks ed the audience over and over.







At the end of the night we had our picture taken with the opening band, KIN from Australia.


and you have to see this short clip I took of her flying over the audience.


Basically, I am ruined from all future concerts.  If someone is on stage just singing I am going to be like, “What, you don’t fly?”  😆

If you EVER have the opportunity to see her in concert, do it.  It is much more than a concert.  It is a show. 

Today, this morning yet, I am out for a run in honor of Meg, a fellow runner who was killed by a drunk driver while out for her run on the morning of January 13th.  I did not know her, but there is a Facebook event up called Meg’s Miles, encouraging people from all over the world to run today in honor of her.  As of a few moments ago, when I looked, over 80,000 people were signed up to run for her today.  Wow right?  If you run… or even if you go out for a walk today either outside or at a gym, please add your miles to Meg’s Miles. 

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Last Weeks CONCERT!

  1. What a fun concert. Sorry about the runner who was hit. I don’t really think of drunk drivers when I’m running in the morning, but I do try to get out of the way when I’m running, knowing people might be texting or talking or just totally not see me. I didn’t run today with the temperature at 12. I’ll go tomorrow and think of your fellow runner. Here’s Mine

  2. I thought I was the last person in the world to see a Pink show- but at least I do know who she is…. And you got to see an Aussie band! I’ve not heard of them before though.

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