Morning Meanderings… A Few Books a Lot Of Color


Good morning!  It was a fun evening last night for my hubby’s company Christmas party.  We went to a restaurant where you grill your own steak, shrimp, chicken, or pork chop.  It is fun to stand around this large grill and talk while we are all cooking.  The guys said they would like a grill like this at the shop.  Hmmmm…. would work get gone, or would it just be a daily grill fest?  🙂
A few books came in this week:


It Happened In Boston by Russell Greenhan (Audio)


Dress Shop Of Dreams by Marisa de los Santos


Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos (for Harper Collins Book Club Girls)


Walking The Bible by Bruce Feiler (for Harper Collins Book Club Girls)


The Secret Wisdom Of The Earth by Christopher Scotton


Those are the books in the house!  This afternoon I am seriously considering painting our upstairs living room.  It is currently this pepto bismo type color that has bothered me forever but I did not have time to work on it.  I have an idea…. if I do it there will be pictures 🙂

I am off!  I have a busy morning, and possibly a busy afternoon.  It will be an audio day 🙂


Have you listened to audio while doing household projects?  Have you thought about it? 

12 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… A Few Books a Lot Of Color

  1. A pop up paint job! Sounds like too much work before Christmas? I love the sound of that last book…it looks intense…

  2. Enjoy your new books, and I enjoyed Belong to Me.

    Now I am imagining the pepto bismo pink…and looking forward to the photos “after.”

    • LOL… I dont know what I was thinking when I originally picked the color. It probably isn’t quite “pepto bismo…. but a light rosy pink… you will see in the “Before pics: 😀

  3. I really wish I could listen to audio. I would get a lot more reading done. As I am profoundly Deaf that will never happen. I had a few friends get the implant but the ones that were born Deaf (like me) never could understand spoken words. Oh well. Such is life.

  4. I would like to try a Marisa de los Santos book sometime. I wonder if there is a big favorite of hers out there among readers, or I can choose any and be happy.

    Have fun painting, um well, listen to an audiobook while painting and that will make it more manageable. Hates painting, watching someone paint, smell of paint—->Me!

    • Good question! It was a coincidence that I have two of her books for this post… from two different sources 😀 I do not believe I have read her yet.

  5. See the benefits of a flexible schedule in which you generally call the shots? You’ll find time to paint over the Pepto-Bismol 😀 hehehe

  6. Sounds like you had a great party!

    I love listening to my audio books while cooking/cleaning or driving. Makes the time go faster.

    Walking The Bible by Bruce Feiler is definitely going on my list to read in 2015!! It sounds amazing!!

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