Morning Meanderings… Bookies To The Labor Day Movie


Good morning!  On Tuesday evening of this week the Bookies who read the book Labor Day by Joyce Maynard gathered for a pre-movie gathering at a local Mexican restaurant for appetizers. 13 of us attended and that was a lot of fun!





We called ourselves (ok..ok, I named them) the Labor Day Thirteen.  We were sent 10 tickets to go and celebrate the movie and we all pitched in a couple of dollars to include to buy the three additional tickets.  

It was so much fun to hang out as a group!  We practically owned the theater when we arrived, so we thought we were rock stars!  Then a couple came in…. they must have wondered what such a big group was doing. 

We had a blast and really enjoyed the movie.  As we left the theater we excitedly chatted about book vs. movie, what we liked better in the book, what we liked better in the movie… what shocked us (of yeah – there was a shocker in the movie that left us as one voice gasping).  No spoiler.  😉

Later I will put up my movie review. 

Thank you so much to Harper Collins for this amazing opportunity to read the book as a group, grab some snacks, and see the movie together. 🙂

On another note…. our Libraries Blind Date event is going well.  One of the ladies who works there sent me an email last night asking what I thought about adding the book “The Girl You Left Behind” by Jojo Moyes.  She asked for my help writing the singles ad (see what I mean here).  I have not read this book yet so am asking if any of you have and if you could comment with an idea of what the ad could say. 🙂

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