Universal Studios: The Gringott’s Bank Ride Review

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Early today I posted about Universal Studios Harry Potter World all all the amazing new items to see and do.  The real big harry audacious idea behind Diagon Alley would be the addition of the new ride, Gringott’s Bank Ride.

Seriously… this is the MUST RIDE of the park.  Harry Potter fans – do not miss this impressive addition!

When Justin (my son) and I went on the ride it was over an hour wait to get on.  Long yes?  Worth it?  YES.

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The bank line area is impressive.  If I was that old dude from Jurassic Park I would say, “No expense was spared!”  Beautifully lines walls, realistic looks bank desks, offices, and more.  The line up of animated goblins was really cool!

Beautiful decorations…



The ride is a car with four seats across, three rows per car.  Its one small drop in the beginning but the rest is mainly simulated with excellent graphics and effects.  Of course riders, we are trying to avoid that pesky dragon.

Don’t miss out on this ride!!!

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