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Good morning!  Yes I am still around.  Last Friday was Wine and Words 2014 and it was a GREAT time.  Our authors were:  Lorna Landvik (emcee), Benjamin Percy Nicole Lea Helget, Randy Susan Meyers, and Barbara Claypole White.  The last few weeks have been a lot of communication between our local book store who orders us the books to sell at our event, the local wine guy who provides all the wine for free at the event, the check in teams, set up teams, silent auction team prep….. you get the point 🙂

About 1/4 of the auction.  We had 114 baskets of items up for bid.

About 1/4 of the auction. We had 114 baskets of items up for bid.



Opportunities to photo prop :)

Opportunities to photo prop 🙂


210 people at the event

210 people at the event


The check in team

The check in team



me bidding!


Love the after gathering with the authors!

Love the after gathering with the authors!

Final numbers are still out but looks like we are around $7,000 profit.  It was a great night!  I will post some more pics on Saturday for Saturday Snapshot.


I then left the next morning for our cabin on the North Shore with my son and we stayed until Monday afternoon.  It was AWESOME.  Books and movies and pub style pizza.  What is not to love?  🙂

Today I will finish up on the deposit for Wine and Words, figure out are totals, communicate with Book World our local book store and start my thank you’s.

I have reviews to write and should be back on line now as that is the last big jump for awhile 😉

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  1. WOOT! Looks like it was a complete success! YEAH 🙂

  2. Happy for your successful event

  3. It does look like fun! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. What a awesome and successful event! I’m always so impressed with your energy and organizational skills.

  5. This whole post made me smile, Sheila 😀

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