Snapshots of The 50 Mile Bike Ride and a WINNER Announced


Good morning!  Happy Saturday.  I have some fun pics to post from last weekends bike ride for todays Saturday Snapshot.  My friend Amy and I try to do the Tour Of Saints every year.  It is a 50 mile bike ride that takes places in St Joseph Minnesota, a beautiful little town about an hour and 15 minutes from where we live.

Normally, by the time we do this ride in July we have a few rides in for the season… not this year.  We have both been so busy that the first time I was on my bike this year was the night before the ride when I took it a couple of miles down the road and back to make sure it was riding smooth.

So… off we went:


Sheila DeChantal, Amy Price, Book JOurney

This above pic is at the first pit stop.  We were a little over 11 miles in, it was already becoming WARM out and there was some annoying wind happening.

AMy Price, Book JOurney

The next pit stop was at mile 25 and by this time it was HOT but the direction we were going was with the wind to our backs so it was a nicer leg of the ride and we were feeling pretty optimistic.


Tour Of Saints, Book JOurney

Just about every year I brag about the fruit on this ride.  They always have beautiful strawberries.  This year for me it was more about the grapes (which were delicious!) and of course, I did not take a picture of.


St Joseph Minnesota, Tour Of Saints, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney

This fun little straw (twig?) house was here last year too.  It is pretty cool.  Last year we walked through it but this year we just stopped and took a couple of pictures and took off again, the wind was once again in our face.


The last 20 miles of the ride were tough.  It was pretty wide open fields we were riding by and the sun was baking us like ants under a magnifying glass.  Between the sun and the wind we were moving pretty slow and by the time we were done we were really DONE.

It is always a good time but it was a tough ride this year probably also because we had not trained… but we are stubborn so we did it. 😀


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I also need to announce a winner from the Page Girls Birthday Week post I put up earlier this week.  If you have not went over and checked them out yet, please do – they are posting fun articles!

The winner of the book and coasters is:  (using


A Curious Gal! 

YAY!  Please send me your shipping info and I will pass it on to have the coasters sent to you and I will email you the code for the book. 🙂

That’s it.  Have a super rest of your weekend. I am at the cabin until Sunday later afternoon and have no internet there so will be back in touch after I return.

33 thoughts on “Snapshots of The 50 Mile Bike Ride and a WINNER Announced

  1. Fifty mile ride and no training? Ouch, sore muscles today? I would have been wiped out by the time I hit the fruit stand and from the look of those strawberries would have sat down, ate some and never got up!

  2. No training before riding 50 miles? Wow! Sounds like you and Amy are bike riding machines. Those strawberries look yummy, as I’m sure the grapes did! That straw house look amazing, I’d like to see that in person!!

    Congratulations to A Curious Gal on her win!

    I hope you have a great time at the cabin!!

  3. Yay for you and the Bike Ride 🙂 I’m always impressed by the things you accomplish, Sheila 🙂 I’m happy to have that great pic of the Twig house! Wow! And congrats to Curious Gal! Happy Saturday, all 🙂

  4. A 50 mile ride and hot are not a good combination. 🙂 Kudos to you for doing it and taking some good snaps along the way. Looks like fun (maybe not the 50 mile part, LOL)!

  5. Very impressive to ride 50 miles with no training! I do like that you get to stop for strawberries and grapes and interesting twig houses- looks like a fun event. I did a bike ride recently for the first time in years- it was fun.

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