Labor Day Book Party with Movie Anticipation!


When our book club was first chosen to be one of the groups that received ten copies of Joyce Maynard’s Labor Day to read and discuss our anticipation for the movie I was thrilled!  I put out info on our Bookies Facebook page and sent it out by email… the first ten to commit to reading this book and discussing it at the end of our next book club meeting would get the books. 

The Bookies went wild.  😀

Within a couple of hours I had the ten spots filled and more.  Being the kind of awesome gals we are, we shared the books.  A couple of us downloaded it on to our readers, in the end – 14 of the 18 Bookies read Labor Day.  We had a few that could not make the discussion, one is in Florida (lucky gal) and one is preparing for a trip to Mexico (also lucky gal!) and one was out sick (poor gal!).

We tried our hand at creating a recipe to go with the book. I gave them the option of making the item, or creating the recipe.  We had a mix of both.   Amy P in our group came up with a Labor Day Lemonade (mmmmmmm), Angie created a recipe for Frozen Peach Lemonade for Labor Day, and Lori N created a Peach crisp that sounded heavenly.

Brenda brought a Cheesecake with a peach topping.  Laura brought a homemade pie.  I made a Labor Day Peach Slush that I called “Shake My Peach Tree” with frozen Mikes Hard Lemonade, a dry champagne, and (as I could not find fresh ones this time of year), canned peaches all blended and then put in an ice cream bucket to keep in the freezer until serving time (or… Labor Day!).


We drank and sampled the yummy desserts and discussed what we were excited about for the movie. 

We discussed that we are excited about Josh Brolin playing Frank.  In fact many said that is who they pictured as they read the book.

The opening scene when Frank finds Henry and Adele at the store is one that we are excited about.  We are curious as to what that will look like when Frank first observes them, and feels that this will be a good choice for him to go with them.

The pie scene both in the book, and on the screen was a good discussion.  First of all personally, I want to try my hand at making that pie… it was described so well that I think me (a non pie maker) may actually be able to do it. 😀  There is also something a little sexy about a man making a pie in the first place. 

How they portray both Henry and Frank at different ages is also something we are looking forward to.  We are thinking that we will get together for appetizers either before or after the movie when we go to do a little group bonding and either anticipating or recapping, depending on when we go.

A few of us pointed out having seen the movie trailer that Frank appears scary in the movie and Henry and Adele appear scared but fear is not the feeling you get from the book.  It will be interesting how we interpret those feelings after we see the movie.

I have the recipes that we created to go with the book just not the time to post them this morning but they will be coming. 🙂  It was a fun discussion and we are looking forward to the movie! Thank you to Harper Collins for giving us this opportunity to chat about Labor Day.

20 thoughts on “Labor Day Book Party with Movie Anticipation!

  1. I am a big fan of Joyce Maynard…I think I’ve read everything she has written. Another of her books made it to the movies, with Nicole Kidman starring (To Die For).

    Love Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet.

  2. As always, I’m so jealous of your book club! I wish I lived near so I could be a part of it. 🙂 The food you made sounds delicious and the fun and friendship too. I’m looking forward to this movie (love Kate Winslet) and now that I know it’s a book too, I’ll have to read it, of course. Looking forward to those recipes!

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