Morning Meanderings… Picnic, Baskets, 17 Hour Days, an Anniversary and Author Event

Sheila DeChantal, Book JourneyGood Morning!  Wow!  Wednesday already!  This week has been FLYING by!  On Sunday we did have the Annual Potluck for church but indoors due to the rain.  This was totally fine and it was fun to hang out with friends.  Once home I worked on cleaning up my neglected home, including shampooing carpets which kept me busy until about 10 pm. 

On Monday I rolled out of bed early (6ish) to set up tables in my living room for putting together the Wine and Words baskets.  At 10 am I worked on the seating arrangement for the event and then worked on the baskets for most of the day with Gail – left for a hair cut at 4 and then came back and worked on them again until 9:30 pm and then moved the whole set up downstairs to be continued this coming Friday.


Bucks Busy Bee's, Book JOurney

Yesterday (Tuesday) I woke up early and walked 4 miles with my friend Kate on the trail.  I fueled up my car, packed a lunch, and then went out to my friends farm to assist in extracting honey from her bee hives and putting it in jars.  Crazy stuff… I think I will post pics of this procedure on Saturday.  Then I came home in the afternoon, cleaned up and met my book club for dinner and the review of Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.  We went out to dinner at Boomers Pizza, reviewed the book and then went to the College where Christina Baker Kline was speaking on the book.  (Nicely played Bookies… nicely played).  It was an Orphan Train evening 😉  August marks the 13th anniversary of the Bookies.  WOW!


Bookies Book Club at Boomer’s Pizza

I came home last night around 10:30 pm…WIPED OUT.  Today and the rest of the week should go a little easier on me.  I do not have any more commitments this week and my evenings are free!  Woo hoo!!!!  I have had a dull headache the last couple of days from running so hard from one thing to the next – tonight I may rent a movie and chill.  🙂

August…. always crazy busy.


19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Picnic, Baskets, 17 Hour Days, an Anniversary and Author Event

  1. I am worn out just reading about all you did but it all sounds like fun (well except for the carpet cleaning). I love the idea of bottling honey but I am deathly afraid of bees. However, I can’t wait to see the pictures. Does that make me weird? Probably but I own that LOL

  2. My book club is reading ‘The Orphan Train’ for September! I’m so excited, I know my mom loved it. I hope you find the time to chill the rest of the week.

  3. You are one Wild ‘n’ Crazy Gal! 🙂 God bless you and your energy! And speaking of a movie to chill to, I just happened to spot a little movie on the library shelf and really enjoyed it. It’s a short one–only 86 min.–and it turned out to be very moving and poignant. Something I also think every teenager should watch! It’s called “The Letter Writer.”

  4. how do you find time to blog? much less breathe? you are definitely an energy bunny 🙂
    local honey is the best! prop your feet up this evening and spend some “me time”!

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