Morning Meanderings… by the time you read this I will be gone…

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Good morning!  Welcome to the Thursday of Banned Books week.  But wait… where am I???  I have left at 4 am this morning for the book sale at the Library.

Why so early?

Because I am in competition to be first in line.  I know.. I know… ridiculous for sure… but honestly… it is fun.  In the spring I missed my number one spot by 5 minutes because this girl *finger pointing at me* stopped to get coffee.  I know!  I really need to control my caffeine urges!

But now…

I have a strategic plan… I have joked for years about camping out the night of the sale… and this time.  I am doing it.




Mmmmm hmmmm…..  that’s the way we I roll.


SO thats what I am doing.. more on the sale and all that later…. for now.. lets add our newest contributors to Banned Book Week:


Kym at My Book Nook shares her thoughts on the banned book, The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls


Erin at Quixotic Magpie talks about the banning of Judy Blume’s Blubber.  (She has a great quote about bullying on this post!)


Over at Eclectic Alli there is talk about Favorite Banned Books!


Kelly from the Well-Read Redhead brings us information on Go Ask Alice -who the author is not so anonymous after all… AND she has a giveaway!


Bex from An Armchair By The Sea writes about why Banned Books Week is not to be celebrated – great post and GIVEAWAY!!!


My close encounter with Of Mice and Men and a Giveaway too!


And of course do not forget the posts and giveaways from earlier this week… they are still going on!


That’s it… because really… I am not here anyway!  😀  Banned book post later today!


28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… by the time you read this I will be gone…

  1. Living in a tiny town, my local library (open two days a week, 4 hours each time) actually looks forward to our monthly donations of all the books I read, and the books the girls get from the monthly book orders and book fair at school! Let alone sell what little they have. HaHaHA… The Librarian has been excited about the Ramona Quimby donations as of late.

  2. Your commitment to the book sale is awesome! We have a small library so our sale is not that impressive but I go every time and usually bring home some new friends. 🙂

    Will we see your book loot later this week?

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