Morning Meanderings… A New Normal

Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

Good Morning and happy Tuesday!

Another beautiful day is appearing here in Central Minnesota.  I love sitting at my table and looking out the window while I write in the mornings, catch up on emails, and prep for my day.

This week kicks off new rhythms to my day and I am working on setting new habits and treating my now “stay at home” job, as a “get up, get ready, and go” job.  In other words – I have a set time to get to work which is now in a downstairs office, and takes me about 30 seconds to get to.  I know as time goes on I will probably loosen the reigns as I figure out what works best for me and still allowing me to put in the time I need to so the deadlines are met; but for now.. this is the training period and I enjoy the discipline of the consistency.

Yesterday, Justin was in town, that College boy who is now my Graduated boy.  We had lunch together, caught up and then came back to the house where he helped me set up the desk in my office.  I bought a desk last fall from a friend and have left it set in pieces for the last 8 months.  The pieces were too large to put together on my own and Al and I never committed to putting it together.  It was in the spare room and out of sight… out of mind.  🙂

Here are pics of what it looked like put together:




There is the basic shell of the office.  I need some pictures on the wall and some personal effects, but it is enough of an office to get me excited about going out and buying pretty pens, yellow note pads and files for the filing cabinet.  (It doesn’t take much to make me happy!  😀  )


Reading and even listening to audio have taken a back burner lately but I listened to audio last night as I set up the office and I have it on this morning so hopefully I am around the corner on that dry spell.

Hope your Tuesday is wonderful!  Any new adventures out there you are starting?  Any advice from those of you who write at home or have jobs that allow you to work from home?

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A New Normal

  1. I’ve worked from home for 30 years (yikes!). I’ve never had any trouble focusing on work. One pitfall will be friends and family who might not understand that you really are working (you’re home, you have time! they think) — be firm with them. If you take your new situation seriously, so will they.

    1. I hear you Candace. Those I have talked to I have let them know when I am available to get together, and it has been clearly after my work day. 🙂 My home life plays nicely into this role as Al is gone during the day which leaves me alone to get work done without distractions. I may email you a time or two for advice 😉

  2. Your new normal sounds wonderful..esp the shopping for supplies..i have always loved notebooks and pens! Good luck with setting routine it is hard to do…i find it helps if i make a list of what i want to accomplish..then i know if i have time to putter about

    1. Thanks Diana! I want to be sure I am not spending time on Facebook or on the internet unless it is for research. I like lists too, and currently use them as there are many connections I am working on as I start this journey.

  3. I have always wanted a corner desk. I love the space on yours. What din you’ll have setting up supplies and coming up with your routine.

  4. Sheila, this office/desk look fanTAStic! Love it! Good luck with all you plan to accomplish there, my dear 🙂 I would think, though, that the lamp in front of your eyes is not the best place to have that!

  5. I have an office space in my garage that I put together to write. I have yet to write and the space can only be used 9 months out of the year because it’s so hot here in the summer but I remember putting all the stuff together. It’s a lot of fun.

    1. I have a habit of working at the kitchen table but my stuff then gets everywhere… our table tends to look more like office space than a place to eat! I am trying to give up the table and move all my notes for articles, etc to the office. Of course this morning – I have my coffee and I am at the table – however, will be moving downstairs soon today as I start my work day. 😛

  6. I just redid my little office nook at home. It’s just for me, for the running of our home and family and when I feel like writing at a desk, not my comfy chair. I’m a sucker for office supplies. I was all over the container store too!! Get er done girl!!

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