Morning Meandering…. Board Games And Locked Out!


Good morning! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your weekend.  I am enjoying coffee that my cousin brought over.  mmmmmmm

A few weeks ago I had went to our cabin with friends for a weekend of celebrating my friend Sheila’s birthday.  It was the weekend that we went dog sledding – and this is the rest of the story of that weekend for this weekends Saturday Snapshot.  (Check out other peoples pics at this link)


First up – gamers.  I love board games and the new one I bought up for the weekend was Quelf.  This is a great party game!  There are cards like STUNTZ where if you draw a STUNTZ card you may be told to do something like “set the timer and find three things you would find in a first aid kit before the time runs out”…. or it may ask you to hum the star spangled banner.  Many of the STUNTZ cards will have bonus points for the rest of the players if they react or do something that plays into your STUNTZ card.

QUIZZLE cards:  Trivia cards from hilarious to impossible… or so you think 😉

ROOLZ cards:  follow the ROOLZ on the card – if you do not, pay the penalty

SCATTERBRAINZ cards:  gets everyone shouting , but you must stay on task!

SHOWBIZ cards:  You are in the spotlight… shine baby shine – do what the card says 🙂

We had a blast with this game!  Laughing so hard we were crying.


Then… that Sunday morning the plan was I was going to leave earlier than the girls as I had to be back in Brainerd, drop the dog off and go to a work retreat that afternoon.  In order for me to do that successfully my plan was to leave at 10 am.  I loaded my car with all my goodies – used my super cool electric starter to warm it up, threw my purse and keys in the passenger seat and went in to tell everyone good-bye.

When I went back out to my car to go – it was locked.  My keys were inside.  I was in Finland Minnesota… on a Sunday morning, no idea who to call, and my phone as well as my jacket, purse, and KEYS, were all inside the car.  😯

Thank God for friends to the rescue. While I was knocking on doors at the neighbor’s house, Farrah jumped on her phone and found me a guy out of a town near by who would come in about 30 minutes.  It was closer to 45 minutes, but he did arrive.

As all good friends would do… they took pictures from inside the house of our progress of getting the car unlocked.  😛




I was late to my retreat in Crosslake Minnesota, but only by about 15 minutes.  I made up time by not stopping on my way home at all and dropped the dog off quickly.  It was about a 5 hour drive total from the North Shore to Crosslake. 😀

32 thoughts on “Morning Meandering…. Board Games And Locked Out!

  1. yikes on the locked out of the car! and in the snow! I did it at the gas station one morning (thankfully, it wasn’t too cold) and it was a pain to get it open

  2. Oh, horror story! And in the cold. Glad it had a happy ending. Ever since I got locked out of my van at the grocery store … keys, purse and food inside but luckily phone in my pocket… I have been paranoid about shutting the door without keys in hand. Fortunately I was rescued by a neighbor who brought me home to pick up a spare key.

      1. Yeah, they do that! My old Nissan (I miss that car) had a keyless entry system that was a digital pad on the door, so even when I locked my keys inside I could still open the door.

  3. It’s been a long time since I locked my keys in my car, but I definitely remember how helpless I felt! I’m glad your situation had a happy ending — and you weren’t even late to your retreat! Quelf sounds like lots of fun.

  4. That is one of the worst feelings – looking in the car and seeing it locked with the keys inside. I’m glad you were able to get it fixed quickly. I have a fear of that happening when my husband is traveling out of state, especially when I need to pick up my kids from some activity, etc.The rational side of my mind reminds me of locksmiths, but somehow I always worry about it anyway. 🙂

  5. Look at YOU out there with no jacket on! lol And I learned years ago (when my son was a baby and I first locked him in my car in sweltering heat, then handed him the house keys to play with on the living room floor as I went to get bags from my trunk and locked him in the apartment) that the large magnetic keyholders are a LIFEsaver—a GODsend! Make a duplicate key and stick it on the underside of the frame above one of your tires 😀 Trust me on this one!

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