Morning Meanderings… Author Event With Wendy Webb!


Good morning! Happy Wednesday Thursday!  This post was supposed to go up yesterday morning but I just could not get it done and get to work on time so you know… I need my job, so yeah.

Tuesday night was a late one but a fun one!  Myself and two of the girls from my book club, Brenda and Kathy, drove to the Cities to see Wendy Webb chat up her just released book, The Vanishing. 

We initially had met Wendy when she was one of the authors for Wine and Words.  Wendy at that time had two books out, The Tale Of Halcyon Crane and The Fate Of Mercy Alban.

She was fun to listen to last night.  She read a bit out of her new book and answered some fun questions about writing. 


My book…. SSQQUUEEE!

Some of what I took away was:

When writing, it is important to describe the action, like a director.  DO not say she was angry, instead say she stomped across the room….

Read like you just walked into the story

She described The Vanishing like a complex puzzle.  Wendy mentioned one of the books that she had read that really stuck with her was the Lace Reader.  She said that book, reading that to her was like reading about a complex puzzle.  At the end she knew she wanted to write like that.

Wendy considers her writing to be “Northern Gothic” – a term I found to be fun!  She had an article in yesterdays USA Today.

I left the book store not only purchasing her book…. but Brenda and I both bought The Lace Reader as well.

Our travel was… interesting.  Everyone kept saying they could not believe we had braved the weather from Brainerd to the cities.  I kept thinking.. what weather?  The roads were good… there was a light snow…. but on the way home I got it.  We ran into some serious snow and wind for a while.  Still… worth it. 😀

Today I need to get it in gear.  I have work and Navy Son (now Back In Brainerd Son) 😉 over for dinner and tomorrow morning I leave for the cabin.  It will be the first time to the cabin this year and should be a good time. 😀

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Author Event With Wendy Webb!

  1. Northern Gothic? I totally want to read her books now! I’m glad you had fun, next week is the beginning of my book signing season, and for once the signing we’re going to is in our town! I love meeting authors and is always an opportunity to meet new bookish friends.

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