Literacy Events and Plenty Of Cake


Happy Saturday!  Really!  The sun is shining in central Minnesota and I think I will actually be able to mow today which I LOVE!  (Mowing = audio time) 😀

If you read my morning post yesterday I listed some bookish things I was doing with my day.  My friend Gail and I went to help out a struggling lending library that was lacking books.  It was a fun little road trip with coffee and scones (thanks Gail!)  The owner had put out an s.o.s. on Facebook and he said the post received over 4,000 hits!  Our community passed the word and he said books had been coming in.  Between Gail and I, I believe we brought them another 40-50 books. 

The books I gave to the lending library



This is on the side of the lending library that sits outside Zaiser’s in NIsswa.


Then yesterday afternoon The Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library were part of a Literacy Award for our Community College where the author Jon Hassler, once taught.  Jon wrote many books from adult fiction and non fiction to children’s stories.  He is most known for Staggerford, which was also Jon’s first book, about a week in the life of a teacher in a fictional small town in Minnesota. His books have been said to be filled with a lot of action or major happenings, but more like the Mittford series by Jan Karon or the Debbie MaComber series.  

The friends handled the reception of the event with trays of goodies and cake and coffee





This is the 5th Literary Landmark for Minnesota – YAY!  The others are:

  • Boyhood home of Sinclair Lewis, Sauk Centre, Minn. Harry Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) spent his formative years in this home. He was an American novelist, short story writer, and playwright who became the first writer from the United States to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. His works are known for their insightful and critical views of American society and capitalist values, as well as for their strong characterizations of working women. Partners: Minnesota Association of Library Friends, Sinclair Lewis Foundation. Dedicated July 16, 2013.  

  • Betsy’s House, Mankato, Minn. The childhood home of Maud Hart Lovelace was dedicated along with the childhood home of her best friend, Frances “Bick” Kenney. Lovelace’s series of Betsy-Tacy books was based on her and Bick’s adventures growing up in Mankato. Dedicated May 20, 2010. Partner: Betsy-Tacy Society.
  • Tacy’s House, Mankato, Minn. The childhood home of Frances “Bick” Kenney was dedicated along with the childhood home of her best friend, Maud Hart Lovelace. Lovelace’s series of Betsy-Tacy books was based on her and Bick’s adventures growing up in Mankato. Dedicated May 20, 2010. Partner: Betsy-Tacy Society.
  • 481 Laurel Avenue, the birthplace on September 24, 1896 of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, who is internationally renowned for such works as The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, and This Side of Paradise. Saint Paul, MN. Dedicated September 24, 2004. Partner: The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library


*as seen on the United For Libraries page, Literary Landmarks by State.


It was awesome to be a part of this event.  I was there along with a few hard-working Friends of Our Library – Gail, Laura, and Jolene from our Library in Brainerd. 


I have posted this to Saturday Snapshots.  Pop over and see what other photos are being posted around the world today 🙂


18 thoughts on “Literacy Events and Plenty Of Cake

  1. I LOVE Little Free Libraries (you’ll see another one in a couple weeks on my blog!). I would love to have one in my front yard but, sadly, I doubt our HOA would allow it….

  2. I’ve been on the lookout for Little Free Libraries and have come across several in my area. Once I have a collection of photos, I’ll post them.
    Thank you on behalf of writers and readers for supporting your local libraries. And thank you from me for posting such lovely pictures!

  3. The Little Free Libraries are a great idea. That oak cabinet is gorgeous. I thought of putting one up, but I’m on a busy street – so instead I donate books to the library sale.

  4. I love those little free lending libraries. I have never seen them over here, but they would be really great for people who can’t easily get to a lending library.

  5. What great events! I love the whole free lending libraries idea. I should check to see if there are any in my area, since I’m always having to purge my shelves.

  6. I know somebody who has started this in Cape Town now. She loves bringing a bookshelf of books to some underprivileged children. Well done to you

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