Saturday Snapshot – The 1st 5k Of The Year and in MINNESOTA!


Happy Saturday!  Is it sad that I have been looking forward to this day since last weekend?  No work today, no big commitments other than lunch with a friend which will be fun…. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. 🙂

For Saturday Snapshot today I wanted to post the pictures from the Polar Dash my friend Amy and I ran on January 1st of this year.  I could not think of a better way to kick off the year than with something fun and good for me all rolled into one.

Here we are up close pre-run. We had actually just arrived and got out of the car. 🙂


This is at the start.  The temp was -6 below zero.


Those that had chosen to run the longer runs – there was a 10K and a 14K option that started earlier than our 5k, were a little frosty.



Of course I dont think any of us were as cold as this guy had to be and he ran the 10K (6.4 miles!)


My number and medal. Since I signed up for the monster series this will by number for the 2014 year with the Ortho runs.


Now before you all say “You sooooo crazy girl!”, know that 5,000 other crazy people ran the Polar Dash with me (including my friends Belinda, Sheila W, Ryan, and April).  Yup.  5,0000 crazies…. all together in the same area.  🙂  AND the money raised went to the Shriner s Children’s Hospital.  We like that.

Check out what other people are taking pictures of this COLD January morning at the Saturday Snapshot host blog, West Metro Mommy Reads.  In Minnesota it is about to get really cold.  The wind chill starting late this afternoon and will be 40 to 55 below zero with wind chill through Tuesday. We are in a severe weather warning through the weekend and the Governor has already cancelled school for the entire state on Monday.

44 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – The 1st 5k Of The Year and in MINNESOTA!

  1. Here I’ve been whining about the cold on my morning walks – 23 yesterday and 30 today. Why in the world would anyone run in freezing temperatures in their underwear?

  2. I’m just shivering from looking at the photos…and it never gets that cold here. We think it’s cold when it’s in the 30s! But we have the extreme heat (114) in the summers here. (Mostly 110, but sometimes higher).

  3. Brrrrrr! And I thought I was crazy going out in a freezing cold snowstorm to count birds for Audubon and science research. I guess you can’t stop us from supporting a good cause. 🙂

    The guy in the swimsuit was my aaaakkkkk moment for the morning. Good thing I had finished my coffee!

  4. That… looks cold. I like the eyelashes one… and that other pic. Um, yeah that guy is crazy I think. Wow. We’re getting cold here in Michigan too, but we’re not as cold as you guys yet. Stay warm!

  5. It’s been 8 degrees here in the city and honestly I have never been so cold in my life! I think the coldest before this was I remember walking to college and it being 12 degrees, but only once or twice. Now I also walk to work (and ride the subway) and yesterday I felt frozen. I can’t even imagine running in it!!!! This is amazing!

  6. Those two people with frozen beard./eyelashes are funny, but I hope they didn’t get sick, as well as the “I’m a macho man” man.

    1. LOL no kidding! If you go on Facebook and look at the Polar Dash page for Minnesota you can see a lot more of these frozen people – there were some I wish I had my camera ready for. One girl’s hat was frozen and so was her hair!

  7. Yeah, I wussed out and went to the gym rather than running outside today because it was *gasp* 65F! I’m no longer fit to live anywhere “cold.” Well done! One run down, eh?

  8. What an astonishing series of photos. I’m not a runner, and can’t imagine running in weather like that. I know that it can so cold that the air hurts to breathe in, none of which seems like fun. Congratulations for finishing.

  9. Wow! What a fun event. I love all the layered up looks. But the guy running in practically nothing? That’s just crazy!

  10. So fun to read! I just happened upon this blog as I like to read a couple of fitness articles before I fall asleep each evening….. and I thought, I ran a race on New Year’s Day so this will be good! Was I shocked to see myself in one of your pictures! I am in the yellow/gray coat (right in front) in the start pic. This has been fun to send to my family! Thanks!!!

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