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The continuing Book Expo 2014 posts.  If you missed any the others were: Blogger Con/BEA Bloggers,   Harper Collins Gathering and Party


One of the little bonuses of the Book Expo is you have an opportunity to attend Author Breakfasts.  These breakfasts are charged above the Expo fees, however if it is an author that you are really interested in, it is a fun time.  You can pay a breakfast that includes seats that are closer to the front, or you can pay a smaller price to sit in the farther back seats without a breakfast.  When I go, I sit in the farther back seats as to get good seats at the breakfast you need to wait in a line for an hour or more and I am just not that great at line waiting 😀

On Thursday Morning, the breakfast line up was Neil Patrick Harris (the draw for me), Angelica Huston, Tavis Smiley, and Lisa Scottoline.  Neil. was incredibly funny and engaging.  He was everything I felt he would be so really made this breakfast pop:

Really, take the time to listen to this clip – it is AWESOME.

When you attend these breakfasts, you usually get a copy of some of the speaking authors books and this breakfast included:

Neil Patrick Harris, Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey, Book Expo
We did not receive the whole book, it was a small sample of the book but one I will be interested in when it does come out in all of its glory 🙂


Angelica Huston, book expo, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney

On Friday, I attended the Children’s Author Breakfast.  I know right?  Why would I attend the Children’s Author breakfast?  I review few children’s books, I have no small children at home…. oh… I know why….

Jason Segel.

Do not judge me…. 😉

Another one worth watching.  I will wait….


Ok, awesome right?

The books included with this breakfast were:

Jason Segal book, Nightmares, Book JOurney, Sheila DeChantal, book cover
Cute right???


baby bedtime, mem fox, Sheila DeChantal, book journey

And, I have to plug one more author, Jeff Kinney who is the author of The Wimpy Kid series.  Now these are not books that I have read, but after listening to Jeff talk at the expo – delightful, funny, and a bonus surprise for me… I may need to start watching his books.

Grad another cup of coffee… this one is well worth the watch as well:


Do I recommend the breakfasts?  I do.  If you are interested in any of the authors who will be speaking, you get a great seat to hearing them chat about their books and you get to hear some great insights into their lives (seriously, listen to Jeff’s BEA talk above… at the end he has some pretty amazing plans that all stem around his love of books).





22 thoughts on “BEA: Author Breakfasts

  1. Your pictures are awesome! I was just behind the “premium seating” and my pictures were a blurry mess (of course I was trembling with excitement over sharing the same air as NPH). I also didn’t get the Angelica Huston book- 😦 I loved the breakfasts, though, as I love listening to the people in person. How sweet was Mem Fox? Just wonderful…

  2. I am incredibly jealous of the opportunities you had here. Watching the video clips is great, but seeing them in person had to be amazing. You should *self five* on that one 😉

    1. LOL…. took a moment for me to translate in my mind *self five* 😛 It was a great time…. I told my husband when he was watching How I Met Your Mother that “I met him! And I met him!”

      1. They are two of my favorite actors. I really hoped that they were as genuine and funny as they seem…I’m glad to know that they are! You’re now my hero for 15 minutes because you met them!

  3. Haha that’s funny! I would totally go to an author breakfast just for the author, even if I won’t read the book. Hey – the talk has to be interesting right!

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