Amazing Happenings!

This page will link to all the crazy stuff I do (bike rides, dress up events, weird and wild opportunities) throughout 2014, as well as any amazing moments (like author meet ups or road trips)  Bookishness is optional 😀


The Hobbit Movie Set Tour

A fun dinner in New Zealand

The Food of Australia and New Zealand

Exploring Australia

Great Gatsby Party in Roseville Minnesota





Polar Dash – January 1st!

The PINK Concert January 11th

Wendy Webb Author Event January 21

Patrick Ness Author Event

PINK Concert!

Get Lucky Run!

All For The Bees!

Harper Collins Party in New York

Author Breakfasts in New York


Camp Benedict (Camp for those infected and affected with AIDS)

Bookies Queen Event – July 2014

Tour Of Saints 50 Mile Bike Ride – July 2014

Muckfest Mud Run – August 2014

Event Hangover – Wine and Words 2014

More on Wine and Words 2014

 Bee Keeping in Florida

Harry Potter World Orlando Florida



January ICEMAN 5k (do you see this is in January in Minnesota?  😯

St. Patty’s Day 7K Run (hobble?)

Minnesota Book Awards

Harper Collins Party!

At Adriana Trigiani’s home!

Blogiversary year 4!

Bookies Coronation Day

The New Bookies Queen!

Wine and Words – the debut

Time in a Police Car

Camping and Canoeing The Boundary Waters

Dressing up for our October Classic… welcome to the 1800’s

Ladies Night Out – costume style!


A Saturday Afternoon of Bee Keeping (May 2012)

Book Expo America Recap #1  June 2012

Book Expo America Recap #2 June 2012

Book Expo Of America Recap #3 (June 2012)

Bookies Queen Event (July 2012)

Color Run (July 2012)

Hope Springs House Party at my house!!!  (Aug. 2012)

My first Century (100 miles on a bile in one day!)  Aug. 2012

Muckruckus Pics (Aug. 2012)

Recap of my week at Camp Benedict  Aug. 2012

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