Post World Book Night… The Books Heard Around The WORLD!


Good morning!  How ya all doing?  Anyone out there with book hangovers from Wednesday night?  I have a bit of a headache but that has been holding on for two days… more sinus (thank you Minnesota cold and rain and oh yeah… SNOW yesterday) than book hangover…


Wednesday was World Book Night and I just want us to take a moment and really think about that.  (Seriously… take a moment… I will wait.)


As Thursday mornings Shelf Awareness states:

The third annual World Book Night U.S., held yesterday, was the biggest ever: more than 29,000 givers distributed some 580,000 copies of 39 titles to new or light readers. Each giver handed out 20 copies of one of the books, a range of adult and YA titles that included some of the most popular titles of the past few decades and included, for the first time, a graphic novel as well as a Spanish-language edition, several large-print editions, a collection of poems, Shakespeare’s complete sonnets–a title for just about any interest.

Across the country, givers picked up their books from libraries and bookstores–many independents, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores hosted celebratory parties–and then fanned out to hand out the free books at a wide variety of locations, including schools, hospitals, transit centers, nursing homes and shelters.


Isn’t it exciting to live in such amazing times?  29,000 people around the world participated in handing out these special books with special world book night covers to people everywhere!

I was able to participate with our Local Brainerd Public Library being a pick up spot (woo hoo!!!!) and I split a box with Laurel who works there so we each had ten copies of Code Name Verity and Ranger’s Apprentice.  Both YA reads and she and I both enjoy YA books very much.


Where did I go?

I went to our local hospital and handed them out to people as they entered or exited the building – looking to target (that sounds so hitmanish….) teens and upper middle grade readers.  I also went to a coffee shop and to the Senior Center where they sell doughnuts to the public. Both books would be excellent to encourage more reading.  In fact, Ranger’s Apprentice is book one so hopefully our young readers will search out the next one…


 Did you participate in World Book Night?  If so what book did you have and where did you hand the books out?

2012 WBN Logo

Morning Meandering…. The Day After WBN and the Virus Monster


Good morning!  Wednesday right?  Its been a pretty sweet week so far.  Last night, or yesterday I guess, was World Book Night… my second year participating, the second year in the United States.

My quest…..

to hand out 20 copies of John Green’s Looking for Alaska. 

My day began like this…

I stopped at the gas station to get a cup of ice (mmmm hmmmmmm…. that’s what I do….).  I was wearing the “I am a book giver” sticker and when I checked out the lady behind the counter said “Ok, I will ask, what is a book giver?”

Now… as much fun as it would have been right there to go all sci-fi YA dystopian on her, have my face fall off to reveal a creature that laughs high and shrill and screeches “It is a VIRUS!  And you are now one of us!”….

Instead I (Sheila, me… not virus monster) responded “I am so glad you asked!”  I explained what WBN was.

“Oh,” she said… “I am not much of a reader”.

Again… Virus monster wanted to jump up on the counter, green spittle flying everywhere and say in that same creepy shrill voice, “Oh…. but you are now my dear….. you are now!”

But alas, no, just Sheila said “That is perfect! That is what WGN is about, and you obviously have never read John Green!”   I shared with her about the book I had, which was in my purse and handed her a copy.

“I suppose I could give it a try.” she said.

“Touchdown!”  yelled Virus Monster raising his long finger nailed green hands high over his head in triumph.

“That’s great,” I said and went on my way to work.


And so my day went like that.  I found a young boy in the library with his mom – no no no….  she was the reader, not he… and no no no I was not handing out my books at the library (kind of a cheat don’t you think?) – I was stopping there to pick up books I had reserved…. but I knew the mom, and her son was just along because he had to be. 

I talked to him about books and he received one from me too.

The rest was basic hand outs at Costco where I realized quickly my book choice of a YA read did not fit my clientele of 3:30 pm at Costco.  These people were busy moms or dads or the older generation who looked at me cautiously like I was going to bring out the Virus Monster again….

I should have taken my chances at pick up time at the high school.  😀

Anyway – as always it was fun and I am so honored to have been a part of it two years in a row!  Next year our library is hoping to have a bigger part in WBN and really make a presence in our community.

How about you – did you participate in WBN?  If so how did it go?  If not, did you see or know any givers in your area?

Morning Meanderings… It is World Book Night!


Good morning!  Would you believe that yesterday I drove home from St Cloud in a snow storm?  Well… I did.  This is truly the winter that will not quit.  Although… we are supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend so who knows.  😯

I was in St Cloud yesterday visiting the Mother Ship Barnes and Noble to pick up my World Book Night books.  As today is world book day I know I was pushing the deadline but last week was a whirlwind of activity and St Cloud is an hour away and I did not have those couple of hours that I needed to make the round trip. 

And now today… April 23rd, is World Book Night.  According to the statistics I read this morning on Shelf Awareness, more than 25,000 givers (like me!) will be out and about today handing out 500,000 free books to lite and non readers. We had 30 titles to choose from.  This year was a harder pick for me because I am not choosing the book that I most enjoyed out of this group (although I did enjoy my pick very much!) I was looking for the book that would pull in a non reader.  Last years choice was easier as Hunger Games was in the mix and with the movie having recently been released it was a book that had piqued people’s interest.

So…. what did I go with?


John Green’s looking for alaska.  Not my favorite by John Green, but still… it is John Green.   If given the choice, The Fault In Our Stars would have been the book I would have liked to have given out by him because John Green writes as awesome YA!  (Finished that one on audio last year on the 4th of July on the back of a motor cycle, tears running down my face….. yes… it was that awesome!)

So later today after work, I need to go to Costco, and then will be at the gym for Group Power so will work on giving books out in both places.  I may move on to the grocery store after that if I have any left.

Oh, and to the Lady I met last year at the bank who I tried to give a copy of Hunger Games and instead wanted to know if I had any copies of 50 Shades Of Gray…. even if that would have been a choice out of the 30, I still would not be handing that one out.  😀  You would have to find a different giver. 😛

Hope you all have a wonderful World Book Day and Night.  What a wonderful event and I am sooooo excited to be a part of it. 

Morning Meanderings… World Book Night Recap


Good morning!  *YAWN*

Monday was one of those crazy days I seem to find myself floundering in occasionally.  It was just BUSY.  I worked until 11:45 am yesterday, was at the gym and working out at 12:15, at 1:30 ran to the bank, the library, the post office, another bank, grocery store, and scraped in at 3 pm to meet up and help sort the IHN bedding and toys for when we serve the homeless. Right from there I went home at 4:30, started supper, made some phone calls about a meeting at my house tonight, sent out a couple emails, (barely looked at the blog), had a group meeting at 6:30 pm, came home from that at 8:20 pm, walked into my house talking with Connie about the banquet this Thursday that I am helping her with and my role – and at 9:00 pm hung up the phone just as my hubby was on his way to bed. 


I really hate being that busy.

The good thing about yesterday though… probably the best thing – was it was World Book Night, the first one ever in the United States and I was thrilled and honored to be a part of it. 


As you can see from my above day, time was of the essence.  My original plan to hang outside the high school at 3:00 pm was not going to cut it with the commitments I had.  SO…. instead… I think an even better plan emerged…

I GAVE as I went about my day….

My first book was given to a guy I work with… I left it on his desk in the morning.  He had seen the movie, not a big reader….

My second book was on my way to the gym I stopped at a gas station to grab a banana.  One of the workers was outside, her job was to let everyone know the curbs had been freshly painted.  I went in, got the banana, on the way out I asked her if she was a reader, she said not a whole lot, and then I offered her a book.  I explained World Book Night and she lit up, got excited and said “Bless you!”  Which I thought was funny…. because after all, it is Hunger Games.  😛

My biggest brain child of the day was actually at the YMCA.  I prepped many books before I went in.  I blog about two things mainly, books and fitness.  I wondered if that was an unusual combination… are people who work out necessarily readers?  I dropped off two copies to the receptionists who were really excited once I explained.  I took a pile into my Group Power class and talked to the teachers asking if I could have a moment of the classes time to explain.  They also were thrilled and before my workout, I was able to give out many books. 

The stage where the instructors teach - and Hunger Games Books


My work out area- books and working out, thats my thing... 🙂


After that I gave a book to the lady ringing up my groceries, two on my way to help to with IHN, two more in the evening.  The only “no” I heard was at the bank, and that lady asked me if I had “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.  No…. I did not. 


I had a BLAST with World Book Night!  The only other person I knew doing it in my area was Angie, By Book Or By Crook.  I text her on my way home last night and she said she had so much fun!  She wished she would have had more books.

If you participated in any way with World Book Night, I hope you link your posts up to my World Book Night Link.  I am hoping to capture all our stories in one place and then I am going to make it a Page so people can look at it throughout the year…. as we anticipate next year.  😀

I have another busy day – work, and I need to take 5,000 flyers around to all the schools in the area.  AT 3 I am meeting college son for a late dinner/early supper (SSSQQQUUEEE!!!!), I have not seen him since January!  Then I have a meeting at our house tonight so home to prep for that. 

Later peeps!

World Book Night April 23rd: Pictures and Post Links wanted

This is a sticky post for those participating in The World Book Night events either by sighting or handing out books on Monday April 23rd.  Please read my post here, and if you are participating, please link your World Book Night Posts here so we can see the books being given out around the world!  😀

PS… if you are a World Book Night Giver, please in the comments let me know where in the world you are giving out books.

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World Book Night Is Coming!!! World Book Night Is Coming!!!

"world book night"

This coming Monday April 23rd is the first World Book Night in the US and I AM SO EXCITED to be a part of it!  Successfully launched in the UK last year, World Books Night will take place on the 23rd in the USA, UK , and Ireland.

It will be like the books heard around the world!  😀

I am thinking most of you have heard about this but in the event that you are scratching your head and saying “What is world book night, Sheila?”  I am all too happy to share with you!

World Book Night is a day when a half a million free books will be given away around the world!  Those who signed up had a chance to pick from 30 wonderful titles in which if selected, you would be given 20 copies of that book to give away on World Book Night to hopefully non readers to encourage them to READ!   I chose Hunger Games because I feel this is a book that speaks to a multitude of ages and with the recent movie release may be a great book to encourage non or light readers to pick it up and READ.

Additionally, April 23 is UNESCO’s World Book Day, chosen due to the anniversary of Cervantes’ death, as well as Shakespeare’s birth and death.

I will be picking up my books at Barnes and Noble this coming Friday.  My friend and I will road trip our way to St Cloud, about an hour drive from here, but worth it for a trip to B & N, possibly lunch at one of my favorite lunch spots (Hello Mongo’s!) and perhaps a little shopping. 

I know a lot of book bloggers all over the world are also participating in this incredible event and I would like to do two things here.

On Sunday afternoon I am going to set up a sticky post and a linky for all who participated in World Book Night to share their stories in a post.  What I am saying is if you write about your world book night experience – I would love it if you would link your posts up here on Monday or Tuesday, when ever you write them so we can all check out your experience. 

Secondly, I encourage you to send a picture in of your World Book Day experience to my email at  I would like to put together a post of the pictures that come in of you and the books and where in the world you are located.  I think it would be awesome to see the books, the people handing them out… etc. 

IF you are not participating in World Book Night but stumble across someone in your area who is, you can send in a picture of that as well… cool if you can get in on the pic, but if not, a picture of the books being handed out and where in the world you are would be just fine.

This post here, is just to chat with you all about World Book Night.  The linky post will go up later on Sunday so on Monday, World Book Night, you can start linking up.  And I hope you do as this is going to be an incredible world-wide experience that I am proud to be a part of. 

Are you participating?  Are there any World Book Night celebrations around

where you live?