Post World Book Night… The Books Heard Around The WORLD!


Good morning!  How ya all doing?  Anyone out there with book hangovers from Wednesday night?  I have a bit of a headache but that has been holding on for two days… more sinus (thank you Minnesota cold and rain and oh yeah… SNOW yesterday) than book hangover…


Wednesday was World Book Night and I just want us to take a moment and really think about that.  (Seriously… take a moment… I will wait.)


As Thursday mornings Shelf Awareness states:

The third annual World Book Night U.S., held yesterday, was the biggest ever: more than 29,000 givers distributed some 580,000 copies of 39 titles to new or light readers. Each giver handed out 20 copies of one of the books, a range of adult and YA titles that included some of the most popular titles of the past few decades and included, for the first time, a graphic novel as well as a Spanish-language edition, several large-print editions, a collection of poems, Shakespeare’s complete sonnets–a title for just about any interest.

Across the country, givers picked up their books from libraries and bookstores–many independents, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores hosted celebratory parties–and then fanned out to hand out the free books at a wide variety of locations, including schools, hospitals, transit centers, nursing homes and shelters.


Isn’t it exciting to live in such amazing times?  29,000 people around the world participated in handing out these special books with special world book night covers to people everywhere!

I was able to participate with our Local Brainerd Public Library being a pick up spot (woo hoo!!!!) and I split a box with Laurel who works there so we each had ten copies of Code Name Verity and Ranger’s Apprentice.  Both YA reads and she and I both enjoy YA books very much.


Where did I go?

I went to our local hospital and handed them out to people as they entered or exited the building – looking to target (that sounds so hitmanish….) teens and upper middle grade readers.  I also went to a coffee shop and to the Senior Center where they sell doughnuts to the public. Both books would be excellent to encourage more reading.  In fact, Ranger’s Apprentice is book one so hopefully our young readers will search out the next one…


 Did you participate in World Book Night?  If so what book did you have and where did you hand the books out?

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