Morning Meandering…. The Day After WBN and the Virus Monster


Good morning!  Wednesday right?  Its been a pretty sweet week so far.  Last night, or yesterday I guess, was World Book Night… my second year participating, the second year in the United States.

My quest…..

to hand out 20 copies of John Green’s Looking for Alaska. 

My day began like this…

I stopped at the gas station to get a cup of ice (mmmm hmmmmmm…. that’s what I do….).  I was wearing the “I am a book giver” sticker and when I checked out the lady behind the counter said “Ok, I will ask, what is a book giver?”

Now… as much fun as it would have been right there to go all sci-fi YA dystopian on her, have my face fall off to reveal a creature that laughs high and shrill and screeches “It is a VIRUS!  And you are now one of us!”….

Instead I (Sheila, me… not virus monster) responded “I am so glad you asked!”  I explained what WBN was.

“Oh,” she said… “I am not much of a reader”.

Again… Virus monster wanted to jump up on the counter, green spittle flying everywhere and say in that same creepy shrill voice, “Oh…. but you are now my dear….. you are now!”

But alas, no, just Sheila said “That is perfect! That is what WGN is about, and you obviously have never read John Green!”   I shared with her about the book I had, which was in my purse and handed her a copy.

“I suppose I could give it a try.” she said.

“Touchdown!”  yelled Virus Monster raising his long finger nailed green hands high over his head in triumph.

“That’s great,” I said and went on my way to work.


And so my day went like that.  I found a young boy in the library with his mom – no no no….  she was the reader, not he… and no no no I was not handing out my books at the library (kind of a cheat don’t you think?) – I was stopping there to pick up books I had reserved…. but I knew the mom, and her son was just along because he had to be. 

I talked to him about books and he received one from me too.

The rest was basic hand outs at Costco where I realized quickly my book choice of a YA read did not fit my clientele of 3:30 pm at Costco.  These people were busy moms or dads or the older generation who looked at me cautiously like I was going to bring out the Virus Monster again….

I should have taken my chances at pick up time at the high school.  😀

Anyway – as always it was fun and I am so honored to have been a part of it two years in a row!  Next year our library is hoping to have a bigger part in WBN and really make a presence in our community.

How about you – did you participate in WBN?  If so how did it go?  If not, did you see or know any givers in your area?

29 thoughts on “Morning Meandering…. The Day After WBN and the Virus Monster

  1. I passed out books and had a blast. I started during the day, too, because my book club met last night. I did talk to someone who said she’d thought of being a giver but wasn’t sure she could do it. I encouraged her to go for it next year.

    1. Thats cool Kathy! I talked to the young boy I gave the book too and told him that is he was interested and enjoyed the book he too could be a giver next year. I sent his mom the link of where to apply. 😀

  2. Last year I tried handing out books outside a cafe and ran into the same problem, busy people running away from me. So this year I teamed up with another giver and we choose the local food pantry and resource center. It was a huge success.

  3. I did not get registered before the deadline. Next year I will do this and I have a perfect place to pass out books. Where I work, a hospital. Bored people will read. Bwahhhaaahahaha

  4. Started WBN with promise of lots of high school volunteers to help with distribution of The Alchrmist by Paulo Coelho. Had three great kids show up on time and ready to go.
    Gave every book away in less than 2 hours!
    This is my second year also. Will continue as long as future readers will help inspire their peers!

  5. What fun! I and a brilliant idea, hope we can get it up and running in Australia, I’d love to participate!

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