Morning Meanderings… World Book Night Recap


Good morning!  *YAWN*

Monday was one of those crazy days I seem to find myself floundering in occasionally.  It was just BUSY.  I worked until 11:45 am yesterday, was at the gym and working out at 12:15, at 1:30 ran to the bank, the library, the post office, another bank, grocery store, and scraped in at 3 pm to meet up and help sort the IHN bedding and toys for when we serve the homeless. Right from there I went home at 4:30, started supper, made some phone calls about a meeting at my house tonight, sent out a couple emails, (barely looked at the blog), had a group meeting at 6:30 pm, came home from that at 8:20 pm, walked into my house talking with Connie about the banquet this Thursday that I am helping her with and my role – and at 9:00 pm hung up the phone just as my hubby was on his way to bed. 


I really hate being that busy.

The good thing about yesterday though… probably the best thing – was it was World Book Night, the first one ever in the United States and I was thrilled and honored to be a part of it. 


As you can see from my above day, time was of the essence.  My original plan to hang outside the high school at 3:00 pm was not going to cut it with the commitments I had.  SO…. instead… I think an even better plan emerged…

I GAVE as I went about my day….

My first book was given to a guy I work with… I left it on his desk in the morning.  He had seen the movie, not a big reader….

My second book was on my way to the gym I stopped at a gas station to grab a banana.  One of the workers was outside, her job was to let everyone know the curbs had been freshly painted.  I went in, got the banana, on the way out I asked her if she was a reader, she said not a whole lot, and then I offered her a book.  I explained World Book Night and she lit up, got excited and said “Bless you!”  Which I thought was funny…. because after all, it is Hunger Games.  😛

My biggest brain child of the day was actually at the YMCA.  I prepped many books before I went in.  I blog about two things mainly, books and fitness.  I wondered if that was an unusual combination… are people who work out necessarily readers?  I dropped off two copies to the receptionists who were really excited once I explained.  I took a pile into my Group Power class and talked to the teachers asking if I could have a moment of the classes time to explain.  They also were thrilled and before my workout, I was able to give out many books. 

The stage where the instructors teach - and Hunger Games Books


My work out area- books and working out, thats my thing... 🙂


After that I gave a book to the lady ringing up my groceries, two on my way to help to with IHN, two more in the evening.  The only “no” I heard was at the bank, and that lady asked me if I had “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.  No…. I did not. 


I had a BLAST with World Book Night!  The only other person I knew doing it in my area was Angie, By Book Or By Crook.  I text her on my way home last night and she said she had so much fun!  She wished she would have had more books.

If you participated in any way with World Book Night, I hope you link your posts up to my World Book Night Link.  I am hoping to capture all our stories in one place and then I am going to make it a Page so people can look at it throughout the year…. as we anticipate next year.  😀

I have another busy day – work, and I need to take 5,000 flyers around to all the schools in the area.  AT 3 I am meeting college son for a late dinner/early supper (SSSQQQUUEEE!!!!), I have not seen him since January!  Then I have a meeting at our house tonight so home to prep for that. 

Later peeps!

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… World Book Night Recap

  1. Oh my, you are a busy lady! What a good idea to hand the books out as the day went by. Sounds like the recipients were all very pleased with the free gift. Well done, Sheila!

  2. I’ll be writing about my experience and posting later this week and will try to remember to come back and link up. I knew you’d have no problem giving books out.

  3. Sounds like you really enjoyed your day yesterday. Thanks for sharing and including photos!

    I’m thinking about attending BEA… even if I don’t… would love to come into the city an have dinner with you and bloggers. You are the only person I know who’s going!

  4. My husband helped me carry the box of books to the mall and the food court. I had to answer questions and explain The Poisonwood Bible was not a Bible but a novel. I had many interested in the 2-3 sentence summary of the book that I gave. Interestingly, I found many regular readers who were good enough to refuse books because we were looking for reluctant or non readers!

  5. Excellent idea to tote the books around with you since you had such a busy day. Lazy me, I parked myself at a table outside a Starbucks and approached everyone walking by. Only a few ran from me. Most stopped to hear about my table full of books.

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