Morning Meanderings… It is World Book Night!


Good morning!  Would you believe that yesterday I drove home from St Cloud in a snow storm?  Well… I did.  This is truly the winter that will not quit.  Although… we are supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend so who knows.  😯

I was in St Cloud yesterday visiting the Mother Ship Barnes and Noble to pick up my World Book Night books.  As today is world book day I know I was pushing the deadline but last week was a whirlwind of activity and St Cloud is an hour away and I did not have those couple of hours that I needed to make the round trip. 

And now today… April 23rd, is World Book Night.  According to the statistics I read this morning on Shelf Awareness, more than 25,000 givers (like me!) will be out and about today handing out 500,000 free books to lite and non readers. We had 30 titles to choose from.  This year was a harder pick for me because I am not choosing the book that I most enjoyed out of this group (although I did enjoy my pick very much!) I was looking for the book that would pull in a non reader.  Last years choice was easier as Hunger Games was in the mix and with the movie having recently been released it was a book that had piqued people’s interest.

So…. what did I go with?


John Green’s looking for alaska.  Not my favorite by John Green, but still… it is John Green.   If given the choice, The Fault In Our Stars would have been the book I would have liked to have given out by him because John Green writes as awesome YA!  (Finished that one on audio last year on the 4th of July on the back of a motor cycle, tears running down my face….. yes… it was that awesome!)

So later today after work, I need to go to Costco, and then will be at the gym for Group Power so will work on giving books out in both places.  I may move on to the grocery store after that if I have any left.

Oh, and to the Lady I met last year at the bank who I tried to give a copy of Hunger Games and instead wanted to know if I had any copies of 50 Shades Of Gray…. even if that would have been a choice out of the 30, I still would not be handing that one out.  😀  You would have to find a different giver. 😛

Hope you all have a wonderful World Book Day and Night.  What a wonderful event and I am sooooo excited to be a part of it. 

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… It is World Book Night!

  1. People never fail to surprise me. Here you’re giving this woman a free book and she’s asking for a specific one?!

    Good for you for supporting this cause and encouraging budding bibliophiles.
    Happy World Book Day! 🙂

  2. I both love and dread this day. People do not believe that anything is free, or that there isn’t some alternate agenda in giving out free books. No, really, there are NO strings attached! You don’t have to donate money, pledge your time, or join a cult. It’s just a book!!

    I also strategized with my pick this year – THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Rick Riordan. People are more passionate about their children’s reading habits than their own. (Model behavior, people! Anyway…) I am going to school today and the baseball fields, where I can hopefully snag some reluctant boy readers to gve this one a try!!

    1. Right! I get some strange looks 😀 I was at Costco earlier but traffic wasn’t as fast paced as I had hoped so I cam e home and am hoping to go our with a friend who is also a book giver later tonight when she goes.

  3. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get together to give our books out? I’m giving away The Language of Flowers, a book I am passionate about. I am a little worried about how much it will appeal to men, though.

  4. I’m giving out The Language of Flowers too. This year I’m heading over to the food pantry. I’m hoping the people there are more receptive and less suspicious about something that’s free, a problem I had last year.

      1. The response was wonderful. Most of the people were light or non-readers. One woman told me she only read one book in her entire life. And she was excited about getting a book to read.

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