Morning Meanderings… Meeting Bloggers and Announcing a Winner


Good morning!  It is Friday!  To me that means the end of the week, coffee meet up, project clean up, letters to write, meetings to plan, a work out or two and considering what Easter will be like this year and what should I make….

Yesterday I had the privilege of being part of a round table discussion with the two main actors in the movie The Longest Ride, Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson.  I am going to write about that interview tomorrow, but today I wanted to talk a bit about the other people who were at the round table with me.

Going into this “adventure”, I was not really sure who would be in the room.  Once I was there I seen it was a group of bloggers.  A good group of them were really young bloggers, some even in high school.  A couple (thankfully!) were closer to my age.

We went in the room with the actors and we were each allowed to ask one question – I will share with you tomorrow what I asked as I think it was a great question and an even better answer…  but that is…

another story.

After the interview time, I was speaking to the lady sitting next to me whose name is Ruth and she runs the blog flixchatter. We hit it off chatting about how thankful we were to see each other in a group of young(er) bloggers.  We exchanged cards and walked out of the Minneapolis hotel together chatting like old friends (you know how we bloggers are!)

Flixchatter. See what she is writing about. Tell her your friend Sheila sent you 🙂

Then… in the elevator on the way down there were a few of us from the interview and I asked them if they were bloggers.  (We really did not have a chance to say who we were , where we were from, or what we did).  They said yes, and Donna from handed me her card.  I did not really get a chance to chat with her as we were all on our way out, but I did check out her cool website this morning.  Her site is all books and movies, crafts and recipes, travel and giveaways.  It’s a site you can spend some serious time checking out.

And… my final mention of the morning is I have a winner for the giveaway package I had going for The Longest Ride.  Using the magic of this morning my winner is:

Christina T from Reading Extensively

3Congratulations to Christina!  She won the $25 Visa gift card, the coveted by me tote, and the book, The Longest Ride!  Email me your shipping information at and I will pass on your information to have that sent to you.  YAY!!!

My contest may be over but you can still enter this giveaway at Bermuda Onion and Booking Mama .

Have a super start to your weekend.  I am thrilled to have the morning to do some catching up as my morning commitment was postponed until next week.  It has been a while since I had a free morning and I am taking full advantage. 🙂

Morning Meanderings – the first in a week New Book Window and a WINNER!!!


Good morning!  Can you believe this is the first Morning Meandering in a week?  Last week was all banned books week… all week.  😀  After a crazy busy and fun weekend I made it home yesterday afternoon tired but happy.  Pictures from the bike ride will show up on Saturday. 

Yesterday afternoon I took down the Banned Books display from the library and brought “My Precious” books home and switched out the window with “Spooktacuar Reads” for October for all ages.  I put up a shelf of books for children, middle grade, young adults and adults.  I use my own books or print covers of the books and put over a small box so that we don’t pull books off the library shelves – I wasn’t to be sure that if someone sees a book they would like to read, they have the opportunity to check it out – which yes, I also checked our on-line library catalog to be sure all the books int he window are books the library has.  Yes, I can be anal.  😀

So here is a pic of that window:



I didn’t go all scary – but good mysteries and for the younger kids a couple about pumpkins too.  😀


I do have MANY winners yet to pick from Banned Book week but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow I will however tie up my giveaway from the Bloggiesta post, which is:


Kimberly of The Windy Pages!!!


Congratulations!  😀  I will get that sent off to you in the next couple of days here.


Today I work and tonight is our book club review of The Wizard Of Oz!  Expect great pictures to show up from that one as I know a few of us…a re planning to dress up and you never know what can happen when the Bookies get together!  It is going to be a busy – but fun day!  😀





My Next Read Is Chosen by – YOU! (Winner)

Thank you to everyone who participated in last weeks post on Choosing my next read.  I was so excited to toss all entries into tonight and see what book I was going to pull out of the pile, read and then pass on to the lucky winner.

The person who won the drawing is:


Her comment was:

“This was a hard choice but… “Between Sisters” by Kristin Hannah”

So, the book that I will be reading throughout the weekend is:

Thank you to all who entered – I appreciate you all so much and once this book is read and on its way to its new owner, we will do this again 🙂

BEA Swag Bag Winner

Hey all – it is beyond time for me to choose a winner of the swag bag giveaway from BEA.  If you missed this post and want to see the contents in this great bag you can check it out here.   I was excited when the BBC (Book Blogger Convention) organizers offered an extra swag bag to those who wanted one.  This one I brought back for one Book Journey reader.

So… using… Isn’t this SUPER exciting?  The winner is….

Jen Forbus!!!

Woo hoo Jen!!!!  I have emailed you at once I have your address I will send this package of BEA/BBC treats your way!

The Threadbare Heart Winner

I have a few contests that I need to wrap up in the next 48 hours here and this is one of them.  The Threadbare Heart Contest was one that really interested me as I lost my own mother to a car accident in 1996.  She was an incredible strong woman and I will forever have a piece of me missing with that loss.  Mother daughter relationships are a wonderful thing and those who have them – cherish them.

I had a hard time choosing a winner as the entries that were sent to me were all so wonderful.  However, I had committed to the contest and to the requirement of choosing a winning entry, and this one really warmed my heart:

I really loved the book “When I Married My Mother” by Jo Maeder!
I could really relate to this book, as my mother is elderly and dealing with many health issues.
I myself am confined to a wheelchair and have been for many years. My mother helped me through a great deal of tough times and now it is my turn to help her.
She needs a heart transplant, but due to her age, she does not qualify for the transplant list. She is also dealing with numerous other health issues including congestive heart failure, lung problems, arthritis and many more.
Some people say that it looks odd for a person in a wheelchair to be helping another person in a wheelchair, but I guess they will have to say whatever they want. We will continue to help each other, as long as we both have the breathe and strength to do so.

Thank you to J.L. Lacey for sharing this with me and my readers. You are the winner of the signed copy of The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash.  I am emailing you for your shipping information.

Winner of My Next Read

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Choose The book I Read Next post.  This has turned out to be a great way to read the books I purchased at the library sale and then to pass the book on to one of you.  This is the second time I have listed the book sale books.  Ryan at Wordsmithonia won the first time around and picked Titanic 2012 which turned out to be a wonderful read!

Now…. using, a new winner had been chosen:


Jackie’s comment was:  Phew! What a list…  I narrowed it down to about 10 in my head, lol. I think after your review of The Bride Collector that The Boneman’s Daughter would be a good pick :-)

So There it is.  Boneman’s Daughter comes out of the box and will be read as soon as I get a chance to and then sent to Jackie.  Once I have this book complete I will post the books again and we will go for round three!

Thanks everyone who participated and congratulations Jackie!  Please email me your shipping address  ( and I will prepare the envelope for the book to be shipped!  😀

The Winner Of The Sister Pact by Cami Checketts

I just now drew (using a winner for the wonderful giveaway from Cami , author of The Sister Pact (which I really enjoyed!)  This winner will receive an autographed copy of the book from the author.

And…. our winner is….


Congratulations!  Remember to sign up for more giveaways happening here under the Giveaway Tab