Morning Meanderings – the first in a week New Book Window and a WINNER!!!


Good morning!  Can you believe this is the first Morning Meandering in a week?  Last week was all banned books week… all week.  😀  After a crazy busy and fun weekend I made it home yesterday afternoon tired but happy.  Pictures from the bike ride will show up on Saturday. 

Yesterday afternoon I took down the Banned Books display from the library and brought “My Precious” books home and switched out the window with “Spooktacuar Reads” for October for all ages.  I put up a shelf of books for children, middle grade, young adults and adults.  I use my own books or print covers of the books and put over a small box so that we don’t pull books off the library shelves – I wasn’t to be sure that if someone sees a book they would like to read, they have the opportunity to check it out – which yes, I also checked our on-line library catalog to be sure all the books int he window are books the library has.  Yes, I can be anal.  😀

So here is a pic of that window:



I didn’t go all scary – but good mysteries and for the younger kids a couple about pumpkins too.  😀


I do have MANY winners yet to pick from Banned Book week but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow I will however tie up my giveaway from the Bloggiesta post, which is:


Kimberly of The Windy Pages!!!


Congratulations!  😀  I will get that sent off to you in the next couple of days here.


Today I work and tonight is our book club review of The Wizard Of Oz!  Expect great pictures to show up from that one as I know a few of us…a re planning to dress up and you never know what can happen when the Bookies get together!  It is going to be a busy – but fun day!  😀





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  1. The window looks good! You somehow manage to do all kinds of things! Maybe it’s the energy you’ve gained from all those bike rides….

  2. You are a whirlwind! The window looks fantastic!

  3. Great window — and it pays to be anal sometimes. 🙂

  4. Great window! I have The Book Thief on my fall TBR list. And Cinder was one of my favorite reads so far in 2012! You’ve been a bit busy, now, haven’t you?

  5. What an amazing job you did on that window. Such a great event, I’m already looking torwards next years event.

  6. I think it’s so neat that you get to do the displays! I’ve been allowed to work on a few bulletin boards at the library in the kids’ section, but it’s all pre-fabricated decor. 🙂

    • Thanks Alyce – I had went in to talk about the Banned Book week and mentioned the great window they did two years ago but nothing last year. When I expressed an interest in doing it they were thrilled and I am enjoying it 😀

  7. Wow this is such a great display! Awesome job! 🙂

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