BEA Swag Bag Winner

Hey all – it is beyond time for me to choose a winner of the swag bag giveaway from BEA.  If you missed this post and want to see the contents in this great bag you can check it out here.   I was excited when the BBC (Book Blogger Convention) organizers offered an extra swag bag to those who wanted one.  This one I brought back for one Book Journey reader.

So… using… Isn’t this SUPER exciting?  The winner is….

Jen Forbus!!!

Woo hoo Jen!!!!  I have emailed you at once I have your address I will send this package of BEA/BBC treats your way!

14 thoughts on “BEA Swag Bag Winner

  1. How exciting for Jen! I can’t remember if it has any mysteries. If not, it will be good for her to read something new and different. LOL

  2. Yes I am slowly trying to kill you-can you smell them across the country-I rode 40 miles in the past two days-yesterday was a 2 hour 28 mile ride-along the ocean-if you do not mind cars going 60 mph (I hate) and thankfully some women told me to get off the trail as there was a swarm of bees-it was a great ride.

    Here is where I will kill you-my lunch-baked potato-hollowed out-mix the potato with cottage cheese and spinach and bake it again. Great after ride carbs.

    1. Esme – you are killing me…. my lunch today will probably consist of a soup at hand – classic tomato…. I am trying to get back to eating well, something I have neglected doing for awhile now.

      I hope to get rollerblading in this afternoon, but also need to hit the group power class three times this week – something else I have neglected 🙂

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