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I have a few contests that I need to wrap up in the next 48 hours here and this is one of them.  The Threadbare Heart Contest was one that really interested me as I lost my own mother to a car accident in 1996.  She was an incredible strong woman and I will forever have a piece of me missing with that loss.  Mother daughter relationships are a wonderful thing and those who have them – cherish them.

I had a hard time choosing a winner as the entries that were sent to me were all so wonderful.  However, I had committed to the contest and to the requirement of choosing a winning entry, and this one really warmed my heart:

I really loved the book “When I Married My Mother” by Jo Maeder!
I could really relate to this book, as my mother is elderly and dealing with many health issues.
I myself am confined to a wheelchair and have been for many years. My mother helped me through a great deal of tough times and now it is my turn to help her.
She needs a heart transplant, but due to her age, she does not qualify for the transplant list. She is also dealing with numerous other health issues including congestive heart failure, lung problems, arthritis and many more.
Some people say that it looks odd for a person in a wheelchair to be helping another person in a wheelchair, but I guess they will have to say whatever they want. We will continue to help each other, as long as we both have the breathe and strength to do so.

Thank you to J.L. Lacey for sharing this with me and my readers. You are the winner of the signed copy of The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash.  I am emailing you for your shipping information.

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  1. Congratulations J.L. Lacey !!! Your post was very touching.

    Blessing to you and your mother.

  2. Oh, congratulations, J. L. Lacey! You are a winner in my book.

  3. You made a wonderful choice. We don’t often get the opportunity to repay our parents for being the parents they were. I lost my mother when she was only 47. There is so much I wish we could have shared. It is difficult to care for an ailing parent – both physically and emotionally – but it is something many of us would gladly do given the opportunity.

    J. L. Lacey, congratulations. You truly deserve this book. Best wishes for both you and your Mom.

  4. That was a beautiful entry. Thanks for sharing it with us. The bond between mothers and daughters can be one of the strongest!

  5. Thanks for sharing that! Let me know the address so I can send the book 🙂

  6. A google alert sent me your entry. Thank you Ms. Lacey for your kind remarks about my book (and how did you ever find the time to read it?), for doing what you’re doing for your mother, and to Bookjourney for having the contest. If you’d like to giveaway a copy of “When I Married My Mothe”r just let me know!
    Jo Maeder

  7. Congrats to the winner!

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