Morning Meandering… When The Read A Thon Makes You Cry

Good morning! 

The question on your mind is…. did I make it to the finish line of the Readathon.  No, I did not.  I had started at 5 am yesterday morning and missed about three hours throughout the day due to other commitments and then shut down at around 1:20 am when Jane Eyre became a blurry mass.

Oh, that wasnt your question?  Was it did I read as much as I had hoped to?  No, I did not.  I never do.  I always start out with BIG intentions, going to go for the 5 or so books I have lying around and finish them up and yeah…. I get caught up in the social part of the Readathon which I LOVE and I cant help it, but I still feel I did pretty darn good.

Still not your question?  Oh I bet you want to know if mt tummy is upset with all the junk I ate yesterday while reading and listening to audio…. the nachos I had for lunch, the Lindor chocolates throughout the day, and of course the vegie pizza I had ordered in last night, no actually I feel pretty good considering I am on 5 hours of sleep and have to help out at church in 45 minutes from 8 until noon. 

Oh!  Now I get it!  You want to know why the Readthon made me cry. Well, that is actually a cool thing.  Yesterday I was reading for a charity I support locally, Camp Benedict.  Camp Benedict is a camp for people infected by AIDS and for people affected by AIDS.  There is a story of why it touches me so, and it is actually linked at the top of this blog in the page bar.  Anyway this is my third time reading for the camp and I always commit to giving, and then last fall one other person donated to my cause which was so sweet.

Well, this year, yesterday morning my account had $40 in it, money I had put in.  Throughout the readathon people gave and as of last night when I checked my online account for the camp, it was at $370.00!  I could not believe it!  6 other people had given besides myself and only two of them I know personally.  Seriously you guys, you melted my heart… and of course made me want to read more.  ♥

As for myself and how I did, I listened to 5/12 hours of audio throughout the day.  I was donating $1.00 per every ten minutes of audio for a total of $33.00.  Throughout the day I read 198 pages, which I was donating 10 cents a page for a total of $19.80 (lets not split hairs, I will round that up to $20.00.  So from me, $53.00 is being added to my account for my charity this morning.  😀

In other fun news – I held a bonus “because I feel like having fun” giveaway last night for the die-hard readathoners that were still going on hour 19.

That winner of the coffee, the chocolate, and the book is:

Laurel #19 (yeah, I laughed when I seen that!)

Thank you to the Dewey Readathon Team, not only do I love that this honors a wonderful blogger I never had the pleasure of knowing but wish I did, but it takes a ton of work to pull it off and this group did an awesome job! 

In other news, here is what came in from Mr Mailman this week:

Mmmm hmmmm, a nice week!  The two audio in the front right I bought at Barnes and Noble when I went to pick up my books for World Book Night (SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!) 


Finally, today looks a bit dreary so I think when I get home this afternoon I am going to finish the 24 hours of reading I set out to do.  I fell short by about 4 hours.  I would like to finish it for Camp Benedict, and for me. 

Have a great Sunday all!  I have the World Book Night link going up later today and who knows what else, maybe that long overdue update to Jane Eyre.  😀

What are you doing with your Sunday? 

Dewey Read A Thon Bonus Giveaway Package


Ok ya’ all… if you have been read a thoning today, then you know we have recently passed hour 15 and fast approaching hour 16.  I am in this “I should be reading” mode, but instead I am fluttering around mini challenges, commenting… I need a pick me up – I need to FOCUS.

So… that all said, I want to offer a bonus giveaway here for those who are still trucking , still working the read a thon – you are troopers – and if you know me I think you need….

COFFEE and CHOCOLATE… and you probably dont need a book, but I have an extra of a great book so I am throwing in a BOOK too.  😀

LOVE this coffee


Arranged will be released on May 15th and somehow I would up with three copies. This author wrote SPIN which was really good!

This giveaway is open until the end of the readathon – my time, which will be 5 am central time.  To enter, share with me here your favorite part of the readathon… Is it the community?  Ir is setting aside time to read?  Is it the mini challenges?  Or do you love something completely different about this event?


The Read A Thon Progress Report (and Mini Challenges)

Hi all!  This is the post I will use for Read A Thon updates from me as well as any Mini Challenges I partake in.  The newest info will be towards the top of this post.  😀

Also, I am reading for Camp Benedict today, a camp for people infected and affected by AIDS.  I am donating 10 cents for each page I read and $1.00 for every ten minutes of audio I listen to.  If you would like to sponsor me for this wonderful cause, I would be humbled and appreciate your support. 

Check in at 12:00 am:  (hour 18)

Hey all, I guess “Good morning” is in order here.  I have had a pretty good day, finished an audio and a half, a book, an update on my Jane Eyre read a long….  and still going.

A quick little update for the Dewey Readathon site, they asked if we had any reading companions.  I do…. Sam (left) and Bailey:


The other question was – about reading for charity and yes I am.  The link is above. 🙂

Check in at 10:00 Pm:  (hour 16)

Wow…. hour 16.  I kind of feel like a rock star!  I started an hour earlier than I need to so I could make up for a commitment I had today and so other than about three hours I have been with the read-a-thon one way or another (reading, commenting, mini challenging…). 

For the past two hours I have read – NOTHING.  I know that is sad.  After dinner and hubby went to bed I sat down and worked a few mini challenges, came up with a bonus giveaway for those still reada thoning, commented on all those who created posts for my mini challenge, and yeah… thats it. 

But – I have not given up and the books are calling so after this update…. really, I am going to read.  Really.  Why do you doubt me? 

Stella asked us to find a picture that somehow describes or reminds you of your current read.  Since I am currently in Jane Eyre, I think if the mansion:

When I think of the place that Jane worked and lived I imagine it big and totally "explore worthy" like this building here. From website

For Bluestockings challenge, she asked that we talk about the books that we love to re-read.  Now if you know me, blame Bluestocking because I know I gush about certain “Forever” books those I love (but hardly ever have time) to re-read.  They are:

One of my all time favorite reads and book discussions!
Not a Nora Roberts fan but this trilogy about women with magical powers.... WOW. This is paranormal before paranormal was cool
Oh what? You didn't see that coming? These are my comfort reads.

Check in at 8:00 Pm:  (hour 14)

Oh my gosh… I am so overdue for a check in!  I listened to another hour of audio, finished (FINALLY!) whole lotta life and actually left the house at 5:30 to go and help with a baptism, pick up pizza, and now I am back home.  (Yup, you read that right… how many readathoners helped with a baptism today?  LOL  I am in charge of special events at our church and that is one of my duties…. 😛 

I listened to audio while I was in the car, and took a book with me but did not get to the book. I am back now though and game from this point forward.

So here is what the peeps of the readathon are asking:

1) How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired?  I am actually good, hit a lull about 3 pm but now and ready to roll!

2) What have you finished reading?  Whole Lotta Life, and listened to an audio and a half 😀

3) What is your favorite read so far? Hmmmm… hold that thought, I do not have enough books in me today to answer that.

4) What about your favorite snacks?  I amde nachos for lunch… that was good.

5) Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love!  I have been going around and commenting while I listen to audio, trying to check out some newbies!

And the winner of my mini challenge using is:

A Journey Through Pages

Honestly, the out pour from that challenge and all the AWESOME ideas to go with books… I am really the winner here, plus, I want to go to all your book reviews.  YOU ALL AMAZE ME!  😀

Check in at 3:00 Pm:  (hour 9)

I am cruising right along now on finishing up A Whole Latte Life.  Honestly, I have talked about the book so much I am ready to be done with it.  78 pages read since my last check in.  30 minutes of audio added to my total.

For the mini challenge, Midnight Book Girl asked us to stage a book….

The Bakers Wife (note the wedding rings in the spoon)

I am getting a bit foggy (I started at 5 am this morning).  Think I will try some ice tea – see if that wakes me up.  I thought about laying down and reading but fear that will cause me to pass out.  😛

Check in 1:00 PM and Mini Challenges:

Ok… well, I am now 4 1/2 hours into audio and have finished The Lifeboat.  (WOOT!)  $27.00 in to my charity account so far!

(I still have not cracked a book because I have been running around, doing mini challenges, made lunch and commented on blogs…. lol – I cant help it, the social girl in my tends to need to be fed. 😛  HOWEVER – I am about to go into my books this hour. )

Speaking of mini challenges…. mine is still going on until 2 pm central and here is The Book Sentence challenge for On The Wings Of Books:  LOVE THIS ONE!

The Book Thief arranged the most dangerous thing in the bag.
The Sausage Makers Daughters escape the memory of running out of the pumpkin shell.
I have spent a lot of time being "portable" today but it is time to break out the books.

Ok on to the books for awhile.  How are you all doing?

Check in 10 Am and Mini Challenges:

So far I have in 2 1/2 hours of audio in.  (I had a commitment this morning and took my IPOD with me so I could listen to audio as I could.  I am now home, going to catch up on the awesome mini challenges going on and then cracking a book.  😀

At One Librarians Book Reviews we are asked to do a book puzzle.  I LOVE this one!

Here is my contribution:

Can you guess what my book title is?  (I will update with the answer in a bit!)

for Reading Through Life’s Translation challenge… I would love to read:

I could not find a good French cover for this one…

Mini Challenge! Book Appetit!

Happy Read-A-Thon April 2012!!!  How is it going out there?  Are you reading?  Are you snacking?  Are your books making you think of FOOD?

Here in Central Minnesota it is lunch time and I was thinking this would be a great time to talk about books and FOOD. 

Your mini challenge that will be available for the next two hours is a fairly easy one… it just requires a little imagination from you!

Take one of the books you are reading today.  Now lets pretend that you are going to have a book discussion with friends regarding that book.  They are all coming over to your house and you are providing food and beverage to go with said book.  That’s right, your challenge is to share with me here:

1.  Title and author of the book

2.  The menu:  the food, the beverage (if you want you can go as far plan background music, decor, whatever.  😀 )

Want to know what you are playing for?

Ok… lol, that’s just to wet your appetite… what you are playing for is a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card that will be emailed to the winner yet this afternoon after I choose the winner using

To enter:

Leave a comment here (mandatory entry) with the information I asked for above (Book and author, the menu to go with that book)

For a second entry – create a post on your own blog (if you have one) of the book, author, and the menu and then link it back here.

Here are a couple examples:  Say you are reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris…. your menu would definitely include lots of chocolates, perhaps to drink would be a delicious hot chocolate, maybe a chocolate fountain to dip strawberries in!

Or…. you may be reading ROOM by Emma Donoghue in which you may make Jack’s favorite macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meat balls, or his 6th birthday cake… (his 5th birthday cake was sponge cake with 5 m&m’s on top), the drink would be tap water.

If you do decide to do a post, I would love to see it!  Be sure to link it here:

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Morning Meanderings… RELEASE The Read-A-Thon

Good morning!  Today is going to be an AWESOME day!  The Dewey Read A Thon has begun!  In my next of the woods here in central Minnesota kick off time was at 6 am, however I have a small commitment this morning and will need to leave for about an hour so I started early, at 5 AM.  I am hoping to make HUGE progress today.

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?  Brainerd Minnesota

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?  Hmmm…. I am not sure, they all look kind of awesome

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? I think I am making baked nachos for lunch

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!  Hmmmm…. crazy enough to get up an hour earlier then requited to start this readathon to get in as many hours as I can 🙂

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?  This is probably my 4th or 5th time participating.  I am being more intentional today, if I am moving about I have audio, if I can be stationary I have books….  I have done everything I can to free up my day.


I am reading for Camp Benedict, a camp that is for people infected with AIDS and for those around then it has affected.  I have been to this camp and seen the power it has to bring people together in hope and compassion.  I will donate to the camp 10 cents a page, and $1.00 for ever 10 minutes of audio I listen to. If you would like to sponsor this cause with me, please let me know in the comments and I will get the information to you.

I will be doing updates throughout the day here on an update post that I will start and just keep adding on to so as not to create multiple posts.  Please feel free to stop back in and cheer me on 😀  I will take all the encouragement I can get!

In the past, I have shown pictures of the massive PILE of books I would love to get through and honestly… I never get through them… so rather than set myself for the BIG FAIL… I am going to show you the plan in baby step format….

So…. on my morning plate I have:

I have right around a hundred pages left on this read.

Then I would like to make some progress in:

I don’t want to finish this as it is a work in progress, but I would like to get 50 or so pages done this morning. 

From there, I am not sure…. plenty to choose from… we will see what way I go as the day goes on.  😀

Be sure to stop back here at noon as well for my mini challenge… it will be a whole lot of fun and may give you a few ideas as well 😀

Morning Meanderings.. Whatever Happened to SSQQQQUUUEEEEEE???

Good morning.  😀  Sipping coffee here in Minnesota at the kitchen table considered taking the 8:25 am Group Power class this morning but apparently that is not happening as I am still relaxing with COFFEE CUP surrounded by books I am dropping in the mail today, trying to clean up a few emails that require responses and thinking about my plan for tomorrows read-a-thon.

*WHEW!  Take a breath*

Anyhoo, this morning I was reading Miss Remmer’s review of Monument and while she does mention the book lacks in some areas, what she did describe… the action, the synopsis, gave me that feeling I love when I feel I need to drop everything and get that book.  I actually SSQQQQUUUUEEEEDDDD  in the comment I left her.

That is when it hit me.  Where had my SQQQQUUUEEEEE gone?  I used to SSSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE all the time for books that rocked my world, for books that came in the mail, for the mailman even who graciously carried all my books to me without complaining (that I know of 😉 )!  For books I won, for bike rides, for great life moments….

Really…. where did all that go?

SO….. briefly…. here are a few things on my plate that are SQQQQQUUUUUEEEEE worthy:

1.  It is the weekend.   SQQQQQUUUEEEEEEE!!!!

2.  My friend and I are road tripping today to Barnes and Noble.  SSSQQQQQUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!

3.  I am fully registered for BEA, hotel, room mate, and plane… all booked…. all paid.  DONE.   SSQQQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!!

4.  The sun is out.  Today will be gorgeous.   SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

5.  I organized my book giveaway shelves.  SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!!

6.  I will probably have lunch today at one of my favorite restaurants.   SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!

7.  Some exciting books have come into my home this week.  SSSQQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

8.  The Dewey Read-A-Thon is tomorrow and I plan to participate FULLY.  SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

9.  The new pup in the house has been here  a little over a week ago and he is working out wonderfully.  SSSQQUUUEEEE!!!

10.  While life is always interesting.  I am at peace with it.  SSSQQQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!!


Ok.  I feel… caught up. 😀

Tomorrow I will be reading for the Dewey Read A Thon and I will be reading for charity again.  My charity as usual is Camp Benedict, which is a camp for people and family who are connected to AIDS.    I will talk more about this tomorrow – but I will be reading at 10 cents a page and $1.00 for every 30 minutes of audio I listen to.

You are welcome, if you feel called to do so, to sponsor me with a one time donation or a per page donation.

Morning Meanderings…. The Recap

Good morning!  😀

Yesterday was The Dewey Read A Thon... an event I have participated in since I found the book blogging world in early 2009.  Twice a year the read a thon takes place and twice a year I try to set aside the day from commitments so I can actually make a successful attempt at reading and audio.

Well… ummm…. yeah… about that…

I thought that after the hectic weeks I have been having that a day of sitting in my favorite chair surrounded by my favorite surroundings (errr… books) would be a no brainer… “but alas, earwax!”  (Harry Potter quote) I was wrong.  During readathon time I:

played with the dogs * washed dishes * cleaned the shower * ran three loads of laundry * make breakfast *  made lunch * cleaned my bedroom * considered cleaning a spare room* had dinner plans and was MIA from 5 – 8 pm * put away all lawn furniture for the winter * played quite a bit of online scrabble * participated in almost all mini challenges from 7 am – midnight.

I did try to listen to audio while I was up and about but I did not get a ton of reading done and now my proud pile “the chosen ones” from yesterdays event sit on the coffee table glaring accusingly at me saying “what about me?”

**gulp*  Obviously I stayed up too long if the books are now talking to me….Ok enough self loathing.. on the positive side I did complete two books, Shelter by Sarah Stonich and Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd.  I also completed the audio book Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian which will make a perfect review for Halloween week…. 😀

As for mini challenges (I do love them!) I posted on separate pages so as not to clutter up the blog or your readers for those who follow me, but here are some of the highlights:


We had to make book titles out of objects – here are two of mine:

Then we made word puzzles for books we are reading….

(Please Stop Laughing At Me)

(Sleepers Run by Henry Mosquera)

And this one was fun too…. 5 books we are looking forward to:

Since I was reading for charity, here are my totals:

120 minutes of audio

338 book pages

= 45.80 to Camp Benedict

Not too bad I guess…. 😀

I really did have a lot of fun, had HUGE plans to stay up late and read and read but perhaps a big steak dinner was not the best “stay alert” food choice for dinner and I promptly fell asleep book in hand a little after midnight.  😀

Did you do the read a thon?  If so how did you do?  If not, what fun things did you do with your Saturday? 

Dewey’s Read-A-Thon!!!

(mini challenge participations are at the bottom of this post)

Good morning!  Welcome to the kick off for the Dewey Read-A-Thon.  I am totally unprepared!  I thought I was going to road trip to St Cloud today and look at cricut machines. I signed up for the read-a-thon a while ago and then wasnt sure if I was going to be able to do it, but as of last night knew I could just use a break from the hustle and bustle… and what a better way to enjoy a foggy fall day than surrounded by books.

I am reading for charity again, like I did in the spring… I am reading for Camp Benedict, the camp for people who have AIDS.  (You can read more about my heart for this camp here.  I will give 10 cents per page I read and 10 cents per minute I listen to audio to the camp. 

If anyone wishes to donate to this wonderful camp you may do so here by leaving me a comment about sponsoring me (a set amount or so many cents per page/ audio minute) or by donating directly through this link. 

To kick off this morning with hour one…. we were asked to give out a little info:

1)Where are you reading from today?
2)Three random facts about me…
3)How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?
4)Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)?
5)If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, any advice for people doing this for the first time?

1.  I am reading from Brainerd Minnesota

2.  hmmmm……  I have been to Honduras 9 times (10th in a few weeks here), I love adventures and have biked over 600 miles this year – 50 miles of that was in an arm cast from a previous bike ride,I have two shih-tsu dogs that are ages 15 and 13 and both driving me nuts right now. (Lets just say I don’t have kids at home… but with these two I feel like I have kids at home) 😛

3.  I have a stack of 13 books and a couple of audio but mainly for variety… I know I wont make it through them all

4.  To clean up some of the books I have started and have not finished due to other commitments.

5.  Have fun!  Be sure and check out the mini challenges, take breaks…. walk around with audio (I count that!)

Mini Challenge Participation:

Character Photo Mini Challenge (hilarious and fun!)

Book Puzzle Mini Challenge (guess what I am reading!)

6 Hour mini challenge and five books I am looking forward to!

Mid Event survey challenge

I will check in throughout the day by updating this post. 

9:00 a.m.:  20 minutes of audio (We The Animals) so far while I made breakfast and cleaned up kitchen

noon:  One book complete, 130 pages read this morning between – mini challenges, letting dogs out and in and out and in, e one hour getting dressed, cleaned up, making lunch… but listening to Night Strangers on audio (30 minutes)

9:00 pm (not so good at checking in am I?  😛 )  finished one audio (add another hour to my totals) while putting away our lawn furniture for the winter…. not a whole lot of reading done since last check in but hoping now to crack down….