Morning Meandering… When The Read A Thon Makes You Cry

Good morning! 

The question on your mind is…. did I make it to the finish line of the Readathon.  No, I did not.  I had started at 5 am yesterday morning and missed about three hours throughout the day due to other commitments and then shut down at around 1:20 am when Jane Eyre became a blurry mass.

Oh, that wasnt your question?  Was it did I read as much as I had hoped to?  No, I did not.  I never do.  I always start out with BIG intentions, going to go for the 5 or so books I have lying around and finish them up and yeah…. I get caught up in the social part of the Readathon which I LOVE and I cant help it, but I still feel I did pretty darn good.

Still not your question?  Oh I bet you want to know if mt tummy is upset with all the junk I ate yesterday while reading and listening to audio…. the nachos I had for lunch, the Lindor chocolates throughout the day, and of course the vegie pizza I had ordered in last night, no actually I feel pretty good considering I am on 5 hours of sleep and have to help out at church in 45 minutes from 8 until noon. 

Oh!  Now I get it!  You want to know why the Readthon made me cry. Well, that is actually a cool thing.  Yesterday I was reading for a charity I support locally, Camp Benedict.  Camp Benedict is a camp for people infected by AIDS and for people affected by AIDS.  There is a story of why it touches me so, and it is actually linked at the top of this blog in the page bar.  Anyway this is my third time reading for the camp and I always commit to giving, and then last fall one other person donated to my cause which was so sweet.

Well, this year, yesterday morning my account had $40 in it, money I had put in.  Throughout the readathon people gave and as of last night when I checked my online account for the camp, it was at $370.00!  I could not believe it!  6 other people had given besides myself and only two of them I know personally.  Seriously you guys, you melted my heart… and of course made me want to read more.  ♥

As for myself and how I did, I listened to 5/12 hours of audio throughout the day.  I was donating $1.00 per every ten minutes of audio for a total of $33.00.  Throughout the day I read 198 pages, which I was donating 10 cents a page for a total of $19.80 (lets not split hairs, I will round that up to $20.00.  So from me, $53.00 is being added to my account for my charity this morning.  😀

In other fun news – I held a bonus “because I feel like having fun” giveaway last night for the die-hard readathoners that were still going on hour 19.

That winner of the coffee, the chocolate, and the book is:

Laurel #19 (yeah, I laughed when I seen that!)

Thank you to the Dewey Readathon Team, not only do I love that this honors a wonderful blogger I never had the pleasure of knowing but wish I did, but it takes a ton of work to pull it off and this group did an awesome job! 

In other news, here is what came in from Mr Mailman this week:

Mmmm hmmmm, a nice week!  The two audio in the front right I bought at Barnes and Noble when I went to pick up my books for World Book Night (SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!) 


Finally, today looks a bit dreary so I think when I get home this afternoon I am going to finish the 24 hours of reading I set out to do.  I fell short by about 4 hours.  I would like to finish it for Camp Benedict, and for me. 

Have a great Sunday all!  I have the World Book Night link going up later today and who knows what else, maybe that long overdue update to Jane Eyre.  😀

What are you doing with your Sunday? 

50 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… When The Read A Thon Makes You Cry

  1. Well done for reading that long! I had 6 hours sleep in between my reading so it wasn’t so difficult. Although I’m still very tired now.

    How nice that these unknown (and known) people donated to the charity. That is heart warming indeed!

  2. Are my eyes that blurry, Sheila, or is that my name up there winning the giveaway? Since I was No. 19, I guess so! Could really use that coffee and chocolate right now! lol

    Thanks….and I am happy about your donors exceeding expectations…bravo!


  3. What a great idea..Dewey Read-A-Thon as a charity event. This was the 1st time that I participated, so everything was new for me. I almost made it, got a late start and then fizzled out at 3am. I’m amazed at how many books everyone read. I finished just one (450 pages) and started another.
    Have a great Sunday!!

  4. Congratulations Sheila! You did really well with your read-a-thon, and it’s heartwarming that others donated to your charity! Yea Sheila! 😀

  5. That is so great about your charity! And hey, it’s not always about how much we read. If you had fun, that’s all that really counts and you raised some good money yourself so that’s an added bonus. I’m also continuing today a bit, but also getting ready for the start of my Spring into Horror read-a-thon which starts tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  6. This is so touching! Wow. I’ve never read for charity, but you’ve inspired me to try to do so next time at the readathon in the fall.

  7. I have to laugh over eating chips. It never is worth it afterwards!!! Lol. We had sunshine, so I had to pause to clean out the BBQ and see if it still makes delicious grilled chicken & hot dogs. Yep!! It works great!!! I’ve never read so much on a Saturday while doing stuff with the family… 4 times I got to read at least 2 hours. Hardly numbers to boast about for Dewey, but for me with this on-going party around here?! Monumental!!!

  8. What a wonderful way to make a readathon mean more than reading! Totally impressed!!! I should have joined still waiting for that grandbaby to arrive 🙂

    c-ya tomorrow!!

  9. You were only shy by 4 hours… great… I never make it that far. LOL!

    Today I’m attending a networking event & then coming home to write & schedule my posts for the week.

  10. I had a couple of fellow bloggers at my house and I also overestimated how much I would read, but we had tons of fun, which is the important thing. Nice work with the charity! That’s awesome!

  11. Wonderful news about your charity! I see you do and think that I will next time then forget until I see you…. :/

    Congrats to Laurel!

  12. Re your new books, I’m reading The Secrets of Mary Bowser right now. I think you’re going to love it, Sheila – well, at least I’m enjoying it a lot.

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