Morning Meanderings.. Whatever Happened to SSQQQQUUUEEEEEE???

Good morning.  😀  Sipping coffee here in Minnesota at the kitchen table considered taking the 8:25 am Group Power class this morning but apparently that is not happening as I am still relaxing with COFFEE CUP surrounded by books I am dropping in the mail today, trying to clean up a few emails that require responses and thinking about my plan for tomorrows read-a-thon.

*WHEW!  Take a breath*

Anyhoo, this morning I was reading Miss Remmer’s review of Monument and while she does mention the book lacks in some areas, what she did describe… the action, the synopsis, gave me that feeling I love when I feel I need to drop everything and get that book.  I actually SSQQQQUUUUEEEEDDDD  in the comment I left her.

That is when it hit me.  Where had my SQQQQUUUEEEEE gone?  I used to SSSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE all the time for books that rocked my world, for books that came in the mail, for the mailman even who graciously carried all my books to me without complaining (that I know of 😉 )!  For books I won, for bike rides, for great life moments….

Really…. where did all that go?

SO….. briefly…. here are a few things on my plate that are SQQQQQUUUUUEEEEE worthy:

1.  It is the weekend.   SQQQQQUUUEEEEEEE!!!!

2.  My friend and I are road tripping today to Barnes and Noble.  SSSQQQQQUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!

3.  I am fully registered for BEA, hotel, room mate, and plane… all booked…. all paid.  DONE.   SSQQQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!!

4.  The sun is out.  Today will be gorgeous.   SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

5.  I organized my book giveaway shelves.  SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!!

6.  I will probably have lunch today at one of my favorite restaurants.   SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!

7.  Some exciting books have come into my home this week.  SSSQQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

8.  The Dewey Read-A-Thon is tomorrow and I plan to participate FULLY.  SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

9.  The new pup in the house has been here  a little over a week ago and he is working out wonderfully.  SSSQQUUUEEEE!!!

10.  While life is always interesting.  I am at peace with it.  SSSQQQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!!


Ok.  I feel… caught up. 😀

Tomorrow I will be reading for the Dewey Read A Thon and I will be reading for charity again.  My charity as usual is Camp Benedict, which is a camp for people and family who are connected to AIDS.    I will talk more about this tomorrow – but I will be reading at 10 cents a page and $1.00 for every 30 minutes of audio I listen to.

You are welcome, if you feel called to do so, to sponsor me with a one time donation or a per page donation.

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings.. Whatever Happened to SSQQQQUUUEEEEEE???

  1. Oh, I love your SQQQUUUUUEEEEEworthy things!

    And for me, this week, I’m exploring Pinterest…having recently rejoined, and I’m realizing that, if I don’t watch out, I’ll be lost in the Pinterestophere…..

  2. I had the same feelings about squee just the other day. I think it’s less of a squee and more of a bliss-like feeling for me. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to stop and think about all the things you’re excited about.

  3. SSQQUUEE! I am happy for you. You are a totally fun person. Have you read a book called The Weird Sisters? This book is on bookshelves at a store near you. Have a good time at the book store.

  4. Wonderful post Sheila?

    I agree completely with the following from your list (though I tend not to SQUEEE)
    1. It is the weekend. SQQQQQUUUEEEEEEE!!!!
    4. The sun is out. Today will be gorgeous. SSSQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!
    7. Some exciting books have come into my home this week. SSSQQQQQQQUUUUEEEEE!!!!!

    and lastly, but a bit of a work in progress…
    10. While life is always interesting. I am at peace with it. SSSQQQQQUUUEEEEE!!!!!

    1. Yeah that #7 is a work in progress for me too but it really is one day at a time… and I am getting better at accepting the things I can not change.

      (And really, that is a little SSSQQQQUUUEEEE worthy… even for you….LOL ) 😛

  5. Wow. I had my very own SSSQQQQQUUUEEEE moment earlier today. I film and edit a school TV Show called The Classroom and our last episode aired today. I wanted to cry tears of sadness and joy, but I couldn’t help but have fun with the Cast.
    My second SSSQQQUUUEEEE moment was when I scored an audio book of The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman (I just started reading it, so I hope it lives up to it’s wonderful reviews).
    Another SSSSQQQUUUEEEE? My school’s prom is tomorrow.

    So, I love that I’m not the only one who squeals like a little girl. Nice to see adults do it, too. 🙂 Have lots and lots of fun at Barnes & Nobles!

    Oh, and if you wanna know what The Classroom is, here is the facebook page link. Not that I’m biased or anything, but the show is awesome! 23 episodes! (On average…about five minutes long) 😀

  6. You are going to have SUCH a great time at BEA! I’ll be thinking of you as I teach Summer School! I love the SQUEE and think of you every time I silently “squee.”

  7. It’s true, we haven’t had your SQUEEE for a while. I didn’t notice, but I DID notice the other day, that quite a few of your recent posts have “I know, right?” somewhere near the top. And razz: has become a favorite too.

    But hey, the read-a-thon: SQUEEEEEE!!!

  8. looking forward to the read-a-thon but as it’s in less than 3 hours for me I’ll have to take a nap in the middle again.

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