Morning Meanderings…. The Recap

Good morning!  😀

Yesterday was The Dewey Read A Thon... an event I have participated in since I found the book blogging world in early 2009.  Twice a year the read a thon takes place and twice a year I try to set aside the day from commitments so I can actually make a successful attempt at reading and audio.

Well… ummm…. yeah… about that…

I thought that after the hectic weeks I have been having that a day of sitting in my favorite chair surrounded by my favorite surroundings (errr… books) would be a no brainer… “but alas, earwax!”  (Harry Potter quote) I was wrong.  During readathon time I:

played with the dogs * washed dishes * cleaned the shower * ran three loads of laundry * make breakfast *  made lunch * cleaned my bedroom * considered cleaning a spare room* had dinner plans and was MIA from 5 – 8 pm * put away all lawn furniture for the winter * played quite a bit of online scrabble * participated in almost all mini challenges from 7 am – midnight.

I did try to listen to audio while I was up and about but I did not get a ton of reading done and now my proud pile “the chosen ones” from yesterdays event sit on the coffee table glaring accusingly at me saying “what about me?”

**gulp*  Obviously I stayed up too long if the books are now talking to me….Ok enough self loathing.. on the positive side I did complete two books, Shelter by Sarah Stonich and Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd.  I also completed the audio book Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian which will make a perfect review for Halloween week…. 😀

As for mini challenges (I do love them!) I posted on separate pages so as not to clutter up the blog or your readers for those who follow me, but here are some of the highlights:


We had to make book titles out of objects – here are two of mine:

Then we made word puzzles for books we are reading….

(Please Stop Laughing At Me)

(Sleepers Run by Henry Mosquera)

And this one was fun too…. 5 books we are looking forward to:

Since I was reading for charity, here are my totals:

120 minutes of audio

338 book pages

= 45.80 to Camp Benedict

Not too bad I guess…. 😀

I really did have a lot of fun, had HUGE plans to stay up late and read and read but perhaps a big steak dinner was not the best “stay alert” food choice for dinner and I promptly fell asleep book in hand a little after midnight.  😀

Did you do the read a thon?  If so how did you do?  If not, what fun things did you do with your Saturday? 

36 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. The Recap

  1. My readathon was quite relaxing. I got in three books (about 1240 pages, but a good half of them or more came from Wonderstruck, so that’s not as impressive as it sounds, haha!) and called it quits around 7pm. Spent the rest of the evening hanging out with hubby. 🙂

  2. I would have loved to participate in the readathon, but had too many things to do yesterday as well as today 🙂 But seems like I could’ve participated anyway 😉 Loved your pictures!

  3. You did great! After reading all the other things you did, I was prepared for…nothing completed! But no, awesome you did an amazing job.

    Hey, I love the pictures of the dolls. I have some of those. I told myself I was buying them for Fiona (for her Ty Girls site), but they sit atop my books and pose for pictures for my blogs.

    I didn’t officially participate in the challenge, but enjoyed visiting posts with the mini-challenges and seeing the fun unfolding.

    I finished one book…unofficially.

    1. Thanks Laurel, the dolls I found at a garage sale and I have been saving them to give to the kids in the homeless program. 😀

      Join in next time – as you can see it doesn’t matter how much you are able to do…. 😀

  4. You did good considering all the other things you had going on. I didn’t even try to commit to participating as I already had a few things scheduled and then there are those other things that pop up.

  5. Sounds fun, but difficult. When you have 5 kids around the house things are always hopping. But then, there is always the laundry, the vacuuming, etc. like you said!!! I’ll keep my eyes open for the next one. It was really a good idea to read for charity!!

  6. Whoa! After seeing all that you accomplished, I really thought you were going to say you didn’t get any reading done, only to find out you finished three! Congrats on being incredibly productive!

    Love the pictures you came up with for the mini-challenges!

  7. I stayed up the whole 24 hours for Dewey’s Readathon, dozing in my reading-recliner about an hour and a half toward the end (around 4:00 a.m. my time). That means I slept right through the automatic posting on my blog this morning and the reason I’m here now. I’m here to tell you … TA-DA!

    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. To receive your award, go here to pick it up:

    You certainly deserve it, my versatile blogging friend!

  8. Congrats on the reading you got done! I’ve only participated as a reader once and was surprised at how difficult it was to read all day long (especially considering how much I normally read). It’s a hard thing to do nonstop.

  9. Sounds like your read a thon experience was kind of like mine! I would get some reading done and then get some stuff around the house done, and then get some reading done and then some stuff around the house done! Oh well, I had a fun day 🙂

  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Cool mini-challenge entries. 🙂 It was a #fail situation for me. I went to a library sale, lunch with mom, and shopping on Saturday so only read for 12 hours, but, like you, didn’t read the entire time. I was quite the social butterfly on Twitter and I rocked some mini-challenges too. I had fun though so not a total loss.

  11. I have not yet attempted a read-a-thon, Sheila, because of exactly what you describe here – I know our hectic household would pull me in a hundred different directions. It does sound dreamy, though – a whole day devoted to reading. Maybe someday when the kids have moved out!


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