Dewey Read A Thon Bonus Giveaway Package


Ok ya’ all… if you have been read a thoning today, then you know we have recently passed hour 15 and fast approaching hour 16.  I am in this “I should be reading” mode, but instead I am fluttering around mini challenges, commenting… I need a pick me up – I need to FOCUS.

So… that all said, I want to offer a bonus giveaway here for those who are still trucking , still working the read a thon – you are troopers – and if you know me I think you need….

COFFEE and CHOCOLATE… and you probably dont need a book, but I have an extra of a great book so I am throwing in a BOOK too.  😀

LOVE this coffee


Arranged will be released on May 15th and somehow I would up with three copies. This author wrote SPIN which was really good!

This giveaway is open until the end of the readathon – my time, which will be 5 am central time.  To enter, share with me here your favorite part of the readathon… Is it the community?  Ir is setting aside time to read?  Is it the mini challenges?  Or do you love something completely different about this event?


19 thoughts on “Dewey Read A Thon Bonus Giveaway Package

  1. For me, it’s “meeting” new book lovers – it always revitalizes my love for the blogging community right when I need it. My own book blog suffers terribly between ‘thons, but I’m not a reviewer, just a write-about-bookish-things-er 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. My favorite part of the readathon is definitely the community. I am kind of failing at the reading aspect right now, but it is being part of the book blogging community that I love so much. I love seeing all the posts on twitter and hearing about what others read and how they liked them. I can personally set aside 24 – hours to read any weekend I wanted (and in hours that would be more convenient to me) so it isn’t the reading that brings me back time after time!!!

    PS: Those red Lindt chocolates are my absolute favorite! I have a sister who hates chocolate but she loves those. I just love how they melt in your mouth! The book Arranged looks really fascinating. I have always been intrigued by arranged marriages.

  3. For me it’s getting to know other lovers of reading but it’s also setting aside time for me and time to read. I have a three year old on the autism spectrum so Mommy doesn’t get much “me” time. This is twice a year that everyone makes sure that I do.

    Stiletto Storytime

  4. I had to think about this for awhile. It is hard to express in words what I think I understand now. It is the feeling I get as I comprehend the numbers of like-minded bibliophiles as I surf the blogs and lurk on twitter. I know you are thinking that is what goes by the name of community in the blogosphere. But community isn’t quite the right word for what I’m thinking of. Because just realizing they exist in such numbers around the globe gives me the assurance I have a hard time coming by that I’m not so weird after all.

    I go into more detail in my 9pm update of my thon post My Brain on Books X where I thought this out with my fingers on the keys..

    That does look like an interesting story–Arranged.

    Thanks for asking the question which made me think and clarify for myself just what it is I’m doing this for over and over and over…

  5. I enjoy the excuse to spend hours reading without guilt about other things I could be doing. The read-a-thon feels like a legitimate reason to read 🙂

    Last time I participated, I spent more time going to other blogs and commenting but today I just read. For one thing my carpal tunnel syndrome is acting up so I need to avoid my laptop as much as possible 😦

  6. For me, it ‘s a tie between the reading and the ‘community’ aspect. I can’t ever resist community during an event like this. Twitter really sucks me in. Which might explain why I never read as much as I should. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome, Sheila!

  7. What I like best about the read-a-thon is the passion and energy that is involved. From deciding on what books to read, meals to eat, snacks to buy and cheering each other on. We all come together to show our love for books.

  8. My favourite part is probably getting to see all of these wonderful people who actually agree on the fact that spending an entire day reading is actually a great thing — sadly not something many of the people throughout the rest of the year seem to understand. I just love the sense of community and cheering each other on.

    Also, how can anyone not love setting 24 hours aside to catch up on some serious reading? 😀

  9. For me it’s partly about setting aside time to read, something I don’t always do enough of. But it’s mostly about the community. Today has been so great to reconnect with people after being away from blogging for a few months.
    (Going to raid my cupboard to see if I can find more chocolate now…)

  10. My favorite part is the fun sense of community it gives book bloggers. We may be reading completely different things, but we all know we’re reading and we’re having fun! I also love getting to know other bloggers through their challenges and comments.

  11. I just love having a whole day dedicated to reading! It reminds me of something we did when I was homeschooled called Pages Count Day where we would read for the entire school day and see who had the most pages. It wasn’t as impressive as a 24hr readathon but to a girl who hated school and loved reading it was like getting an extra Christmas! I’m currently on a reading high and I’m still flying strong! The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren is the perfect series for a readathon-they suck you in, and give you this giddy high. And to top it of they are just plain awesome!

  12. The community itself definitely! The moral support and cheering for all who are participating are definitely memorable and also my fave. On how they organized every read-a-thon and make it memorable, surprisingly enjoyable and also the friends and blogs you will meet along and also catching up with my Mount TBR for the books who are desperately screaming my name all throughout. 🙂

  13. I’m still reading! Well, ok, I dozed off on the couch for an hour and had to relocate to my office chair to wake up, but I’m here. I’m enjoying all the mini-challenges, comments, and visiting other blogs more than the reading. Ironically, I’m reading a book titled Stay Awake. (Ok, I planned that.)

  14. Great giveaway, it’s a nice boost!
    I love the minichallenges, they are fun… but I’m in because it gives me (us) the chance to set aside a time that will be devoted to reading, with no regrets.

  15. I do love the idea that so many people all around the world are joined together in this one activity. And while we’re often all reading anyway, this is a way to share our exhaustion, too….lol

    By the time I write this, it’s over, and I feel pretty good about what I accomplished. I’ll be posting again….and including some in my Sunday Salon.

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