Morning Meanderings… Winners! (And it smells like poo)


Good morning!  Holy smokes I slept!  I was semi awake at 5 am and thought I would sleep one more hour after Al went to work.. next think I know it is 7:45 am!  That’s crazy for me!  SO briefly, I need to catch up on some winners, and remind you of one giveaway still going.



For the Dewey Read A Thon that took place this past Saturday, I was offering a giveaway to a commenter…

The books to choose from!


And the winner is:  Leslie from Under My Apple Tree! She receives choice of these books!  Woo Hoo Leslie!  For a closer look at the titles, see the original giveaway post.


Also – The winners for the Best Of Me Movie Tie-In Book are….


Martha from Martha’s Book Shelf!


I also still have the Book Mark Giveaway from In My Book.  Please check out the post about the book marks and see them – they are pretty sweet!  Two winners will be drawn for those tomorrow!


And finally…

the poo.

When I got up this morning and opened the sliding glass door to the back deck as I do every morning to let the dogs out and to get a nice breeze in the house, I got a whiff of something not so pleasant.  So unpleasant in fact, I looked under the table.  When it did not go away I walked around the house… and eventually outside.  I think the neighbors have fertilized their field.  Egads… they must have upgraded to some premium stuff.  😉

Anyhoo… that’s whats in my head this morning 🙂

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Winners! (And it smells like poo)

  1. The poo thing happened to me several weeks ago. I blew it off but then my son found a ginormous raccoon latrine, which is essential a giant mountain of poo. To make matters worse, I looked it up and it’s toxic due to airborne parasites!! You cannot dispose of it easily and they always go back to the same spot. It took gloves and bags and bleach and ammonia and even moth balls and weeks and weeks of scooping and sanitizing. Every day there was a pile! I was disgusted because my daughter does cartwheels in the backyard so I had to keep her in for fear of eggs getting into her system.

    So… I would take a good look around to make sure what you are smelling is in fact fertilizer because that is sort of what it smelled like to me, but when the mound grew bigger it smelled more like decaying something. Ugh!

  2. Sorry you woke up to the smell of poo! That’s enough to make you not want to eat breakfast…or worse if you’ve already eaten. But I agree with Ti, I’d take a second look and see if it isn’t something else.

    Congratulations Leslie, Elaina, and Martha!!

  3. When the farmer who rents out the field right behind us fertilizes with turkey poo you can’t go outside for like 2 days because it smells so nasty!

  4. This post made me laugh! We went to Carl’s parents years ago and the farm across the street had fertilized with chicken manure. The smell was horrible and Carl’s parents didn’t have air conditioning so there was nothing to do but suffer. I swear it took a month to get that smell out of our clothes and hair.

  5. Oh dear- I am playing catch up on emails and just saw that I was named a winner! Am I too late to claim? Hope the smell around your home is fresher now.

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