Morning Meanderings… In My Book Bookmarks and Other Fun Things



Good morning!  Tuesday!  The weather is chilly this morning, a little frost on the window and makes me want to just stay inside with a blanket, coffee, and a good book.  There are a TON of great reads out there and every time I pass by my library it seems like my hand grazes another one and I whisper “your next”… but alas, the same thing will happen later int he day and I will tell another one the same thing.  #notcommitted

I do have something fun to share, and even better, to give away!  Robin, from In My Book sent me these three super cool book marks that are also greeting cards!


These book marks are actually cards, they open up and are blank inside for your message.  They come with the red envelope you see in the picture.

IN MY BOOK® is a unique combination of greeting card and bookmark in one.  These literary-oriented cards feature greetings beginning with “In my book…” and conclude with such book-related sentiments as. “you’re a mystery”, “you’re an adventure”, “you’re rare”; the cards are available in eighteen styles each with pen & ink illustrations by illustrator Meredith Hamilton.  The die-cut cards are made of sturdy ivory cardstock and are sold with a red envelope; they start out as a greeting card, then perforate to become bookmarks (they’re recyclable!).


and… as you can see they look pretty awesome in a book!  (Which may or may not be my next book… but you know.. we discussed that already.  😉  )

Robin has sent me three of these amazing cards and I am going to give away two to the readers here that comment on this post between now and Friday morning (when I announce the winners).  I will choose two winners and mail you the cards (no, no, no… I will not use the sweet red envelope – that is for you as well!

To enter – leave a comment here telling me:

What is your ideal reading setting like?  (ie.  in a comfy chair, feet up, hot cup of tea and chocolate mint Milano cookies…  laying in bed with fluffy pillos propped at your back and soft music in back ground)


* To earn an extra chance, please come back and comment on my review that will be going up today on Delancey.  I loved this book and I am hoping many of you will give this interesting foodie book a try! 

44 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… In My Book Bookmarks and Other Fun Things

  1. so cute! I love things that can be reused. Both of your reading settings sound lovely – I do like the couch with a glass of wine, but the place I probably read the most is in the car waiting for my kids at a practice or whatever.

  2. I would like to snuggle up in a big comfy chair, prop my feet up, and play some soft music in the background. Oh, and have an assortment of drinks and goodies to snack on throughout the day. But with two babies and a dog I have to be content with reading in whatever spot I’m in. Thanks for having the giveaway. I love bookmarks, and I have a huge collection of them.

  3. Since I can’t read on the beach everyday, I’ll have to be boring and say my couch. Love to curl up with a good book any time of the day.

  4. Can I ditto Felicia? 😉 Problem with that is the bugs ( shudder). In my lounger with my feet up ir on my side in bed trying nit to awaken my spouse. Can handle anything if there’s a book

  5. That looks like an interesting book!!! Off to Goodreads I go….

    Oh, and my favorite reading setting is in a big overstuffed couch with an ottoman and a mug of coffee or tea by my side (sometimes with additional snacks 🙂 ).

  6. On the couch..extra pillows and a blanket. Diet coke and chocolate chip cookies. If it is winter shades lowered so i can see snowflakes and a fire is a must. If it is summer windows open (tho i might be out on the deck) and i adore the pitter and patter of rain or even a good storm if i am reading. Love the card/bookmark!!

  7. That is such an awesome idea! A greeting card for readers, then a bookmark, I love it!

    My favorite spot for reading is cuddled up on my couch with a hot coffee or tea, or sometimes popcorn and diet soda, and usually one of two of my cats beside me, or snuggling underneath my kindle. I turn on only the lamp next to me, so it sets the mood for a relaxing and solitary period of enjoyment, all my own!

  8. And…that is a true book? Wow…

    Fave spot? I can read and relax anywhere…right now I am finishing up a Tootsie Roll Pop…contemplating grabbing another…and I have Law and Order on while My sweet Kitten Roxie is sleeping in my lap! Ahhhhh….

  9. My favorite reading spot is in bed with either a warm drink or cold drink on the nightstand. Ideally, there would be complete silence other than a storm outside. Runner-up spot would be my non-existent(for now) private library with wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling dark wood bookshelves, a large leather sectional with chaise, and a gas fireplace. There would have to be a window too. Oh, scented candles are a must(fragrance depends on the season).

    I LOVE bookmarks and collect them. This would be a great gift for a fellow bibliophile or I may just keep it 😉


  10. I love the bookmarks/greeting cards! What a fun idea. I do most of my reading on my lunch break at work, but my favorite reading spot is in my chair with one cat on my lap and one on the back of the chair behind me, her head stuck under the lamp for warmth. 🙂

  11. I have to say the best spot to read is on the couch with a nice fleecy blanket wrapped around me with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a few cookies. It has to be completely quiet or else I can’t read and enjoy my book.

    Those books marks are super cute. Thanks Sheila for doing this 🙂

  12. I want to be comfortable, period 🙂 I don’t have the “perfect” spot, but I’d love a comfortable chair with an ottoman and arms the right height on which I can prop a pillow to sit my book on, comfortable lighting (not to bright, not to dark), whatever hot or cold beverage (typically coffee or tea) suits the mood and the moment, and any tasty snack that works at the time. Of course, the other perfect setting is relative quiet and no one disturbing me! 😀 Too much to ask? lol

    I LOVE these bookmarks. Went to their site and checked out all 16 (it says 18, but there are 16) and they fit pretty much any genre 😀 How smart of them to send them to you. GREAT way to advertise! I’ve already tweeted about them and followed lol

  13. My favourite reading setting is a winter’s day, dark, rainy, no jobs to do, sleeping animals, hot coffee, no interruptions and I so miss Milano cookies (I used to live in USA) and can’t get them here. We;re heading into summer now and looking forward to lazy hot days too with a book. I guess when you think of it any setting is good for a book, so fickle. haha

  14. I have a favorite chair. My mother would have called it my nest! A large matching footstool, a good, over the left shoulder light, a set of nesting tables ( you never know when you are going to need just a little more room) a homemade mug rug for coffee, tea or wine depending on the time of day, and a basket that holds, pens, notepaper, tissue, gum, my glasses cleaner, and a myriad of other essentials. Also, no noise please!! 🙂

  15. Hey Sheila (waving from Texas!!) – Love these cute bookmarks! What a clever idea! My favorite reading place, hmmm – well, lately it has been piled up in bed with my reading pillow (a big pyramid looking thing) and a cold drink by my side! Usually hubby has the tv on and I’ve gotten to wear I can tune it out, but occasionally I’ll hear something that catches my attention and we’ll talk about it – but mostly it’s quiet time for me!

    The blog is looking good – I’m trying to get mine back in shape!

  16. Love unusual to read anywhere but especially in our cozy bed with a fire roaring &our pup cuddling,

  17. I love reading while kicked back in my living room recliner, snuggled under a down throw and wearing my comfiest slippers, with the only sounds being a hard rain pounding the roof and a fire crackling in the hearth. Close to hand will be either a mug of hot cocoa or a diet cola and bowl of popcorn. The rest of the house’s residents will be napping.

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