Four Friends by Robin Carr


Great neighborhoods are hard to find, but Gerri, Andi, and Sonja have one.  These three ladies meet up every morning at 6 am to take their morning walk, catching up and starting their mornings right!  It is good to have friends, and the morning that Andi kicks her cheating no good husband to the curb, Gerri and Sonja are there for support.  Gerri with her steadfast ways, and Sonja with her perfect remedies like fen-shui and oil scents that can take away the negative feelings a bad marriage can leave behind.

But no one in this group of friends is safe from hard times.

Gerri has a wonderful marriage and partnership with her husband and father of their three children Phil.  So when she learns of cracks in what she thought was an uncrackable union, she battles anger as she tries to repair the damage – unsure if she can.

Sonja’s constant pursuit of the balanced life between health, eating right, and keeping to a non bending schedule, is enough to drive her husband right out the door.  This leaves Sonja feeling like she just blew a fuse because in her world, she should have known this was coming.

And Andi, now looking at the remains of failed marriage #2, wonders what about her attracts cheating losers.  With an adult son who is battling his own issues, Andi is just not sure is she can let anyone in again.

And then there is BJ.  The neighborhood runner.  She keeps to herself; but when tragedy strikes in the neighborhood, she steps in to help – and the girls find that having a new voice in the group is refreshing, even though they can tell that BJ comes with her own mix of troubles as well.




First up, the title caught me right away (if I was British I would say straight away, but I am not and I don’t know why I mentioned that here…).  I love books with strong female character friendships.  I think it is because I value those strong friendships in my own life and I know how much they have helped me through hard times.

Four Friends is a great read for people like me who like friendship stories.  This is not a wishy-washy lite chick lit book – the women in this book deal with very hard and very real issues.  I thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of Gerri’s strong independent nature, Andi’s worries about trying to find real love, Sonja trying to overcome her perfectionism, and BJ’s dark past.

Robyn Carr writes a great friendship book.  One I was engaged in right from the beginning.  I would not mind at all if these women popped up in another of her books.  If there was a home available on their street I would love to move in and hang out with them!




  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (March 25, 2014)




22 thoughts on “Four Friends by Robin Carr

  1. I have yet to read a Robyn Carr book, but I’ve been noticing her books everywhere…and recently downloaded the first in a series called Virgin River. I am eager to add another author to my list of favorites. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, which looks good.

  2. haven’t read this one yet – but I tend to enjoy her single title books rather than her series books – I think i’m one of the few people that despises the Virgin River books – never have I wanted to commit character homicide more 😉

  3. So happy you said this is not a lite chick lit and I totally agree with you, actually I had the term chick lit full stop! I loved these characters and this book and the friendship theme.

  4. You made me giggle with your “British” 🙂 I’m English, but so use to American now that I had to think about whether “straight away” was really something I would say. “Right away” is very much the norm for me now after 8 years in the states. Both phrases are actually used in the UK.

    I read this book earlier in the year, my first Robyn Carr, and I loved reading about the evolving relationship between the 4 women during all their trials and tribulations.

  5. Add me to the club who have not read Robyn Carr yet 🙂 I think based on your review and the comments, this one might be the one to start with. Plus, I’m a sucker for a great cover, and this one is very appealing.

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