My One Word For 2019


As in past years… I spend a part of December choosing my word for the next year.   For quite a few years now I have chose to this as opposed to a New Years resolution.  I make a big deal out of choosing my word making sure it is something I will carry with me for a whole year and utilize and apply to my life.  Some years the word just falls into my lap… other times (like in 2018) I find I feel I have to work at it.

2018:  I chose EXPERIENCE.  I wanted to experience new things and really get out and live.  I think I did… I took on a new position as a Marketing Director, I took part in Ragbrai and biked 7 days across Iowa, I made some very scary choices in my life and came out the other side – better for it.

2017:  SHINE.  Shine is probably my favorite word I have used and if people can have a life word (and I believe they can…. mine is SHINE.  2017 was a year of renewal.  A year I made choices to live and do and make a difference.  In 2017 I felt as thought the world was cheering me on and I came out of the darkness.

2016:  COURAGE.  This was a hard year but a productive one.  I moved forward with a shadow hanging over me.  I was scared of the world and of what my life now meant.  COURAGE was used often when I made choices to stay ahead of the darkness.  To find my way out and say yes to things when I would have much rather hid away.

2015:  EMERGE.  Emerge started out meaning one thing and by April meant something completely different after the tragedy of this year.  It was a hard year… and a hard word.  In the end… I was different.. but I did emerge.

2014:  EMBRACE Where it all began.

2019 has been a bit of a thoughtful process.  For a while I thought it was going to be PRESENT but I honestly didn’t love it.  Being present is definitely something I am working on, yes I didn’t feel it reached every corner of my life like I want a word to do so I searched on.  Today, I wrote down what my goals were for 2019 regarding:







Then I looked at the words I wrote for each of these and while one word didn’t come out on paper… it did bring one my mind.  In each area I felt I needed to dig in more – put a little more of what makes me – well. me.  I thought about this last year of experience.  Of the job(s) that I took on and how this altered my life in good ways.. but altered all the same.  Some life things happened this year as well that made me stronger, but also more cautious…  and I really thought about what people in my circles say about me or use to describe me (energetic, creative, outgoing, adventurous, funny, honest, strong, unique) and I began to wonder if that was all still true and how much I hope it is.

That all said… my 2019 is SPARK.  I want to spark in all I do…  if I can create that spark…  I think the fire of all within me will catch again – in good and positive ways.  I am hopeful that living that way – I can create sparks in others.



Oh, and PS…  I believe we can have a life word as well.  Mine, is SHINE.  My best word. 

I hope you will consider choosing your own word for 2019.  If you do – I would love to hear what is in the comments.  Looking for some words to stimulate ideas for yours?  Here is a great list.

18 thoughts on “My One Word For 2019

  1. Hi Sheila, reading about your busy life is making me tired!!! I will surely follow to your new website-Happy 2019! Judy Barry

    Sent from my iPhone Judy


  2. I love the word Spark. It was the name of my first Kindle (Sparky), and one of my blogs is called Snow Sparks, (ignite your connections).

    My One Word last year, and it will also be my word in 2019 , is CONNECT.

  3. It took a lot to finally come up with my one word. One of the first words that came to mind is Repair. I need to repair my heart, my relationships, my body. But it’s not a pretty word. I considered nourish, renew, heal and mend. Even though they were more beautiful they were more passive. Mend is needle and thread, Repair is hammer and nails and I think that’s what it’s going to take. So even though it’s not an elegant word, Repair is my one word for 2019.

  4. You have been a clear and present spark since I’ve known you. But your definition of “spark” is greater than my imagination. Take it. Run with it. I know the world will be a better place because you will light us up..

  5. That is a great word. I hope you do spark a lot in the coming year.

    I love your words of the year! This year, I went with Experience – so what if I’m a copy cat? – and the coming year it will Courage, so that the year after it can be Adventure (Experience plus Courage equals Adventure, is my thinking).

    Have a great year!

  6. I think that’s a great one!

    I didn’t officially pick a word this year, but if I did, I think it would be Purpose. I’d like to feel like I had purpose again!!

  7. I enjoy picking a new word each year. Thanks to you for ‘sparking’ my interest initially. My word this year is Renew. I hope you have a great year!

  8. Sheila, you’ve chosen a terrific word for the New Year!
    I haven’t chosen a word, but am now I’m thinking about this.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  9. I love your choice! Last year I didn’t choose one, but for the past week or two one word has kept popping up in my head so I’m going with it. Purpose. This past year has been an incredibly stressful one where I’ve just managed to hang on to my sanity, so this year I’m ready to take a deep breath and live with a little more purpose.

  10. Spark is a perfect word for you! For all that you have endured and continue to endure, you have never lost your spark! Even in your darkest moments you manage to write uplifting posts. You are SPARK!! Hugs

  11. Love it! I’ve been so bad about following up on my One Word through the calendar year but I think I’ve found a solution for that. Now just to pick that word.

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