The One Word For 2017…. The POWER of One Word


It was in 2013 I started to promote a word to represent my year rather than a resolution.  A word, can fluctuate – take on new meaning depending the circumstances, and come out at the end with a whole new meaning then first anticipated.   My word from last year was like that and in the end – while we went through a lot together… it still was an effective word.

I have come to love choosing my word each year, and you are welcome to read the link above to explain my past words and what happened with them, but the rest of this post will focus on my current word, how it has served me and what 2017 will bring.


2016 has been my year of COURAGE.  Those of you who know me/follow me know what an impossible year 2015 was and coming into 2016 I needed a word that would lift me up when I needed it… that would help me take the next step whatever it would be.

COURAGE served me well.  There were times throughout the year I wondered if I could… if I should…. and COURAGE brought me to it – and through it.  My friends (God love them!) supported me, Kerri found me the word to put on my chain…


and Gail presented me with a cool key for my key chain that also reminded me….


COURAGE was the perfect word for me for 2016.  So perfect, the last couple of weeks have been a bit scary as I thought of moving away from the word to something new for 2017.  Courage helped me when I thought I couldn’t do something… or I just wanted to stay in bed and avoid the world as I now knew it.  Often it was the word that made me do things I was afraid to do.

Those of you who have participated in the One Word know that it can be a hard decision to choose just the right word.  I spend a lot of time looking at lists, watching descriptions of things… considering who I am, where I am at, and what I strive for.

After much deliberation for a while I thought maybe PERSEVERE would take me through 2017…. however the more I thought about it… the word felt heavy, like slogging through troubling times – everything hard but still moving on….

Honestly, I don’t want to slog through the year….

I kept looking hoping for something lighter, but still represented me well, motivated me, caused me to keep on going for me – for Justin….  for Brad….

So here is what happened today.

I was walking in the Arb with my friend Farrah.  I was talking about the one word and how I was still searching.  I told her about persevere, in the running but I was not feeling it.  I mentioned that the word “Shine” was one I liked, it felt positive, light, and represented who I wanted to be, but I was still uncertain.

After our walk we went out for coffee.  While warming up in the cozy coffee house Farrah suddenly looked at the rows of coffee mugs for sale and pointed.

This is what she was pointing at:


Tears filled my eyes.  Honestly I don’t think I have ever seen a coffee mug with the word SHINE on it.  It felt like it was meant to be.  Farrah teared up as well.  “I guess that is my word.”  I said.  And I like it.

The story should end there… it doesn’t.

I came home after our coffee and was bringing things in the house.  I glanced over at a picture of Justin and froze.  Next to his picture are the two medals I brought home for the run that my friends and his have ran for him the past two years….  right next to his picture, on the ribbon strap of the award was the word….


My breath caught.  My word.  MY word.

SHINE…. for 2017 I hope to shine in all I do.  I hope to reflect well in my doings, never settle for less than SHINE quality and be the person I want to be for myself and for Justin.  We got this kid…. for you I will shine.

I hope you consider choosing a word for you.  I have had an amazing experience every year with my word.  Each year has held something special because I had picked a word to represent me and I lived it out.  Here is a list of words however you can choose anything you wish.

If you do choose a word, I would LOVE to know about it.  If you blog, please let me know if you post about it as I would LOVE to cheer you on throughout the year as you make your word work for you.  If you do not blog, please consider participating anyways.  A word…can be a powerful thing.

Fill out the form below.  I would love to know your word.  🙂


38 thoughts on “The One Word For 2017…. The POWER of One Word

  1. Sounds very meant to be! I have never participated in one word because I am bad with having goals in January and then them fizzle by June. I will have to think about it.

  2. Your story brought tears to my eyes!! Love how your word was chosen. I am glad you didn’t go with persevere…it is too heavy.

    SHINE is the perfect word for you.

    May you and 2017 SHINE!! I know you will.



  3. I love the serendipity of how you came to your choice. Mine came to me the same way, too; watching something on TV. An interview that sparked a feeling in me, and the subjects of the interview were using that word as a theme for their lives. Hope. That’s mine.

  4. I love your word and I love the “signs” directing you that yes, that was the correct word for you! Last year my word was appreciate. I had two new grandbabies and I wanted to appreciate those treasured gifts instead of getting frustrated by “unimportant” things like getting published.
    So of course in January I got a publishing contract offer.
    My word this year is going to be ‘Perspective’. I have had those two words typed on a piece of paper inside my bathroom drawer (appreciate and perspective) for over 15 years.
    Whenever I get discouraged, disgusted, and upset with the little things in life, those two words readjust my attitude.
    Sheila, I thought you “shined” already. I can’t imagine the powerful impact of you shining even more this year! 🙂

  5. Shine is a good word. The word I am thinking of adopting for the year is “wait”. I am not good at waiting. I jump into conversations. I jump into activities that wear me out, I jump into lots of things. I think ‘wait’ will give me more time to think things through. ‘Silence’ was this year’s word and it worked well. I let a lot of people make comments especially regarding the political scene in the USA and I did not even comment which is a milestone for me. I think your one word for the year is a great idea. Good luck with Shine.

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  7. Happy belated holiday. This has not been a great time for me….between the political (re)action/fear of the future and misplaced anger I had a bit of an emotional break. So, my word for 2017 is REST

  8. It’s taken me a few weeks because I was sick on 3 words. Finally made my decision, my word is Strive! “Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday” “Strive for progress not perfection” these quotes helped make my word clear to me. 🙂

  9. Wow, that is such a moving story, Sheila! I guess sometimes your word chooses YOU. Shine sounds perfect for the new year.

    I have heard about choosing one word from many sources, but I have always struggled with it. I guess my goals & objectives each year feel too diverse to me to wrap up in one word. But you have inspired me to try! I’m going to look at that list you linked to. Thank you!

    I hope this new year is one in which you truly SHINE.


    Book By Book

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