Morning Meanderings: We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program


I do exist.

I have no excuses.  I just went about life and didn’t make it here.  I needed time to find me again… it is still a work in progress but I feel as though I may be getting there.

AND – I have been DOING.  Which…. is actually a great word.

I am going to quickly update you as I have TONS to catch up on with reviews and crazy things that have been happening (in good ways)…

Most importantly at this moment – YES to those of you who have asked if I am doing First Book again.  YES!  I love first book and this will be my 4th year doing it and I absolutely want to own this one again.  I will have the sign up ready today – I hope you will join.

Did I mention I LOVE First Book?

Next – YES I am totally doing ONE WORD again as well.  This will be the 5th year I have hosted the One Word and as you know from last years post, I LOVE this as well.  I am still thinking about my word……  posting soon on this.  Yes I promise 🙂

As for everything else….  I have been running, dressing up, biking, hanging with friends, getting out of the house, working with non profits, working with a fun online project, creating websites, walking in the snow, going back to the YMCA, lifting weights, saying YES more… and remembering that I am doing this life for two now…  and I can not let Justin down.   (Yes there are sample pictures….)






I miss all of you.  I just have not been taking the time to be here and I need to do that.  Minnesota is cold…. damp… and it s a good time to get acquainted with this blog again and all of you.

Thanks for waiting for me. 




13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I was just over at An Interior Journey, reading my page where I’ve spotlighted my First Books of the Year. I already have my book! You read my mind, as I was just about to e-mail you and ask about it. LOL.

    I also wrote an update on my One Word…Balance.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. You’ve been busy! I love seeing what you’ve been up to and will see your posts in my reader whenever you get to blog. Now to think about my First Book. And plan my outfit, LOL, for the pic 😀

  3. Wonderful to see your post here…..I have been seeing you on Facebook. Busy, busy lady. 🙂

    Welcome Back!!

    I am excited about THE FIRST BOOK OF THE YEAR…looking forward to it again.



  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Have been wondering about first book of the year and hoping you would. Turning cartwheels (in mind only!) and have been thinking about what the first book will be. Wonderful doing pics.

  5. How wonderful, Sheila 🙂 I figured you’ve been a busy bee and it makes me happy you are AND to see you’re smiling face 😀 😀 😀 Looking forward to First Book AND Word of the Year. Mine will still be the same as it’s been since I first started doing it!

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