The First Books Of 2016

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Here it is.  January 1 2016. Thank you to everyone who sent in a picture of the first book they will be reading in this New Year.  This is my third year hosting this event and I love seeing all the pictures and books come in from around the world!  Thank you to the fellow bloggers, readers of Book Journey, my book club, and friends who sent in pictures.  Here are your reads of the New Year:

PicMonkey Collage 1


PicMonkey Collage 2


PicMonkey Collage 3


PicMonkey Collage 4


PicMonkey Collage 5


PicMonkey Collage 6


PicMonkey Collage 8

PicMonkey Collage 7


Look at all of you!!!!  If traditions hold, a few of you will still send pictures in today and that is ok.  Send them to my email: and I will either update here or add another block in tomorrows post.

For myself, you will find me in the 5th block down, second row. Yes that is me holding a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – but not just an any copy.  This is my son Justin’s book, off his book shelf.  This is the copy he grew up with and loved so much that his Harry Potter books followed him to college and to his apartment after.  My son and I both love all things Harry Potter and after his accident in April I have been unable to watch any of the movies or look at any of the books that we loved so much together.  In fact, last Christmas he bought me the whole set with the new covers.  Today I am reading this book, the one he so lovingly took care of all of these years. ♥  I think it is a great book to start off my new year and honor him.


The link below is where you can link your own posts about your first book choice and why.  Be sure to link back here as well so others can see all of us around the world reading in 2016.  A question I really need to add to the form next year is where everyone is from… I know for sure Australia is represented and Hawaii.

When commenting below please share where you live and what are you reading for your first book in 2016.  Happy New Year.

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151 thoughts on “The First Books Of 2016

  1. Happy New Year Sheila!!! I am from NY and am reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I sent you a picture on the 29th, but I guess you didn’t get it, so I’ll send it again. No worries! I love seeing what everyone is reading – and I love the idea of seeing where everyone is from!!! Hope you have a great, peaceful New Years!!! Xxoo

    1. Oh thank you for sending again! I meant to mention that in the post that if I missed anyone let me know… so many emails come in between the two emails I have that it is easy to miss someone 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I decided to start with Everything Everything. It’s the story of a girl who has what is commonly known as the Bubble Boy sickness; she can never leave her home because she is allergic to the world. Then she meets the boy next door.

    As is usual for me, I started the boy days ago, but will be officially finishing it today. I have done that with a number of other books, too; I will start the year off with a bang.

    Oh, and I live in Alvin, Texas in the USA, between Houston and Galveston.

  3. Yaaaay, it is there! Happy New Year, everybody. I’m reading all the way over the pond in Germany, and the book is Downtime by Tamara Allen (there is a picture up there somewhere). Thanks for hosting this, Sheila, it has been so much fun picking a book and waiting for this post!

  4. I LOVE the photo!!

    I see a few repeats of books, but not too many. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Everyone did such cute poses. I love the ones where the book cover is that person’s face. Very clever.

    Happy New Year to all, and thank you, Sheila, for hosting this again.

    It is such fun.

    My book was a disappointment, so I scratched it a little after midnight last night.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My First Book Of The Year

  5. Great collage to honor bookish people….I am from California, and I’m reading All Dressed in White, by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke, a sequel to my last year’s book, The Cinderella Murder.

      1. I’m thinking of digging into my last box of Italian chocolates from our trip, too. They have dried fruit and nuts on them, so should be OK for breakfast!

  6. I live in Lansing, NC and am reading David Baldacc’s “Saving Faith.” I recently learned of Book Journey and look forward to reading your posts and comments of what everyone is reading.

  7. Happy New Year, Sheila! I’m in Bloomington, IN and reading The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel. It’s a SF book from 1901. It’s got blurbs like “Colossal…brilliant novel,” and “Mad, dazzling” and “A flaming genius” on it. So far…it’s starting out pretty slow. Hope it starts “dazzling” and “flaming” soon. LOL.

  8. Hi From Iowa. The book I’m reading today is…Murder, She Wrote. I always love a good cozy mystery. I’m so glad you are taking another step in the healing process, and reading a book that you and Justin both enjoyed. What a lovely memory.

  9. I didn’t join in this year, but I’ll make a point of it next year. I love the fact that you are reading Justin’s Harry Potter book. Hugs for that. My first book is going to be Asta’s Book by Barbara Vine for my mystery group meeting next week. That’s after I finish my current book. And I’m in Texas. Love the pictures!!! And love the way you are holding the book. 🙂

  10. Waving hi from Brisbane, Australia and I’m reading If You Could See What I See by Cathy Lamb. Great collage, love putting faces to names. Thanks so much for doing this again Sheila. Hope everyone’s first book is a winner, happy reading 🙂

  11. Ah, I think your first book of the year is a wonderful choice, Sheila. And it’s great that your at a level where you’re able to start enjoying those books once more.

    The collages are lovely! I’m linking up this year, but as with previous years, no picture from me. I’m far too camera shy. Haha! I love being able to see what books everyone starts the year with, so thank you for putting a light on it with this event.

    I’m starting the new year with The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern, and joining you all the way from the UK – Wales to be specific.

    Wishing you the best of new years!

  12. Love the idea of including where we live …how else would I have known that Silver’s Reviews and I are from the same area? Checking in here from Pittsburgh, PA too, with my First Book — A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. I chose it because a) I own it and my goal is to read more of my books b) it is one that I have been wanting to read for a long time and c) it’s a Classics Club book.

    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and healing New Year. What a lovely way to honor Justin with your book choice. Much love to you!

    1. Wow, Melissa – I will have to e-mail you to see what specific part of Pittsburgh you live in. 🙂

      Pretty neat.

      Loved this post!! Next year will probably be even filled with more photos. 🙂

  13. I live in Emily Minnesota (about 40 minutes away from Sheila), and have been fortunate enough to get to know Sheila through Brainerd’s Friends of the Library. I will be reading COAL RIVER by Ellen Marie Wiseman (I loved her first two books). I was tempted to take a photo of me with that book AND the book I just finished yesterday, THE PEARL THAT BROK ITS SHELL, by Nadia Hashimi – another wonderful book!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the great books chosen here. Thank you so much, Sheila, for continuing on with this. It is my first year, and I appreciate your persistence in bringing book awareness to others.

  14. Hi Sheila,

    Happy New Year! May you have peace of heart and soul in 2016 and know that others feel your pain. Glad to see the book you are reading, what a way to honor Justin. I am from Niagara Falls, Canada and I am reading The Wiregrass by Pam Webber. It takes place in Alabama, I love all books Southern. Happy reading!

  15. Sitting here in cold Wyoming. 17 degrees but the sun is shining. Reading Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Great book choice, Sheila!. {{hugs}}

    1. Its a little chill here in Minnesota this morning but that is ok… we have had worse. I have lunch with friends today and a movie later with the hubby…. that makes for a full day along with reading 🙂

  16. It is 7 in Northern Nevada! I’m staying in and READING today. (Winter Solstice) Except I think I promised some sledding this afternoon to my grandchildren. uh oh. Stay warm. Have a good day–a good year.

  17. Thank you Sheila for hosting this fun meme once again!! I live in Montreal Canada and my first book of the year is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

    I think that picking up Justin’s beloved copy is your first step in 2016 that follows your choice for word of the year “courage”. Sending you baci e abbraci (Italian hugs and kisses).

  18. What a great idea, Sheila. And I see a few books that I have read and enjoyed, including After You, by JoJo Moyes (3.75/4), which I thought was a very good sequel to You Before Me (4/4). But I just have one question – WHERE ARE THE MEN? Am I the only male book blogger in the universe? I’m not complaining, just curious. I have read enough romances this year to qualify for estrogen injections! Happy new year to all.

  19. Happy New Year Sheila and everyone else! I’m in Florida and am starting the year with The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent by Susan Elia MacNeal. This is the fourth book in her Maggie Hope series and I just love it!

  20. That’s me, reading The Dinner here in Indiana.

    Enjoy reading Justin’s copy of Harry Potter and may the memories prove to be sweet!

  21. I love your first step of courage. I’m here in the Bay Area, California and am reading a work – Very Valentine – of Adriana Trigiani for the first time. It has been a while since I’ve read a family saga. I’m looking forward to it.

  22. Happy New Year! This morning at 3AM on Jan 1, 2016 I started reading “If You only knew” by Kristan Higgins. It was a Christmas gift to myself, and I’m liking it so far! I’m live in Philadelphia, PA, very close to Bucks County/ Philadelphia borderline.

  23. Shelia, thank you for setting up this delightful blog hop. I honor you for your courage, and that is the perfect word for you this year. I live in the Bay area of California and grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. My first book of 2016 is by Anthony Trollope and is “Christmas at Thompson Hall and Other Christmas Stories”, and my post tells more about why I love this author a lot!

  24. I’m starting the new year doing something new. I’m reading two books, one fiction one nonfiction, The Library Of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry and Happy Is The New Healthy by Dave Romanelli. I’m also listening to one fiction and one nonfiction, Between The World And Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I’m in the “why in the world is it still hot” state of Florida.

  25. Happy New Year Sheila! It’s so much fun “seeing” what everyone is reading! I really love this event, thank you so much for hosting! I am reading The Japanese Lover and I am from Danbury, CT.

    And I have to say, what a nice way to honor Justin by reading his beloved copy of Harry Potter for your first read of the year!

  26. Hi Sheila, Thanks for hosting this neat event. I’m Diane from New England and this is my first year going in. Im reading (finished) Like Family; Paolo Giordano – excellent story.

    I hope the New year brings comfort and happiness to you and yours.

  27. I love that you are hosting this! I’m over here in Oregon, reading about a French guy in Sarah Vowell’s “Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.”

  28. Thanks for again putting all this together, it is one of my favourite blog hops all year. So happy you thought of it. Love all the photos and love to come back at the end and see who I can then name! May 2016 be kind to you.

  29. Great book choice, Sheila. Don’t tell anyone, but I still haven’t read the Harry Potter series. Shhhh. I did see the first few movies though.

    I’ve chosen a creepy book to start the year (Hidden Bodies) here in freezing cold Chicago. I just received an advance copy and can’t wait to find out what happens in the sequel.

  30. I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I think this has been the weirdest winter weather we’ve had. It was warm on Christmas day.

  31. I think you picked the most perfect book to start off your year.

    I love this and want to thank you for hosting such a wonderful literary kick-off to the new year! I live in Illinois and I just finished cleaning from last night’s party so I will first relax and enjoy watching Inside Out, my first movie of the year, and then begin reading my first book, The Song of Achilles.

  32. Love all these pictures, Sheila, especially yours! Good for you to revisit Justin’s favorite.
    I didn’t send a photo because I have been reading several books at once but I literally just finished This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash and I highly recommend it. He lives here in Wilmington, NC and I’ve met him a few times. He signed the copy when I purchased it for my husband for Christmas, but I of course had to steal it and read it first 🙂 I’ve also been reading Edith Wharton’s short stories – thinking about recording them…
    Happy New Year and Happy Reading everyone!

  33. Happy New Year from Brisbane Australia, although we’re onto the 2nd already. Yesterday I read a gorgeous humourous hardcover graphic novel The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace & Babbage.

    Wonderful job bringing everyone together Sheila. May your 2016 be filled with happy memories, old and new.

  34. Looks like readers are to a great start in 2016 with some fabulous books. Thanks for hosting this, Sheila. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve followed a few more blogs.

  35. I have not chosen my first book of the year yet, but I came by to wish you a happy New Year! I am glad that so many readers are participating in this fun event. 🙂

  36. My first book of the year was supposed to be How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kotteras but I forgot to pack it when I left to visit my parents for the long weekend in Southwest Ohio. I do plan to pick it up after I get back home. For now I am rereading The Lord of the Rings which I had on my Kindle. It is a favorite and one I haven’t read in awhile. It is nice to revisit the Shire.

    Thank you for hosting this. It is such a cool idea.

  37. Reblogged this on The Redhead Bibliophile and commented:
    Here is the list of books from my favorite blogger over at Book Journey. My contribution is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I have been trying to finish this book for months after a co-worker suggested it to me. I would start it, then see something new and shiny to read and put it on the back burner. Well, my first resolution is to finish this book, once and for all. (and give it back to my co-worker) 🙂

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  39. Thanks so much for hosting! What a great response – this will certainly do damage to the TBR list! I’m from Melbourne, Australia and my first book this year will be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee so I can finally see what Go Set a Watchman is all about. Have a fantastic 2016. Best wishes and thanks again xx

  40. Happy New Year! I am from Yorktown Heights in NY state. A long time follower, I am awed by your strength and how you have chosen to live your life when it has thrown you such a great challenge. ❤️
    My first book of the year is The World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne.

  41. I’m reading In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick. I did send you my pic (I replied to the last email you sent), but you must not have received it. That’s okay. My pic is on my post. I added it to the linky. I’m also doing “My One Word”…Thanks for the fun new year activities.

    Happy New Year!

  42. What a fun idea! I am currently reading “Badger” by C.M McKenna. I had never even heard of it until I started reading various bloggers listed as their favorite read from 2015. So, I snapped it up on Amazon and am eating it up! ❤

  43. I was thinking about First Book of 2015….270 books ago! From Forsythe Saga to KonMarie. Greetings from Syracuse NY where we are sitting in a local coffee shop

  44. I haven’t been on my computer since the First Book post went live and just arrived home after two days of driving. I was overwhelmed by all the comments on my blog and all the great posts! I don’t know if I’ll have time to visit all these great blogs and comment, but know your comments warmed my heart! I didn’t finish the book during our drive because I decided to start another one to mix it up a bit. I live in Iowa, but read during our drive back from Florida including Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri.

  45. I started the year thinking I was going to read Mitch Albom’s new book, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, but I walked past my son’s room today and picked up the book I got him for Christmas by Connor Franta called A Work in Progress. It only took about two hours to read and was the life and times of a well-known you-tuber who had some wise things to say about family, confidence, goals, philosophy, photography, sexuality and more. I finished it thinking he was a sweet guy and hope my son reads it. Btw, we are in Perth, Western Australia!

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