YOU Choose The Next Book I Read and Then You Win That Book!



Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday!  If you have been around here lately you know that:

  1.  There has not been a lot of action (I don’t like that)

  2. Our friends of the library just had their Fall booksale!  (I LOVE that!)


What I have done in past years is I post my book sale haul….  (do not judge me… I am a book-a-holic who justifies book purchases by believing there are worse things I can do with my time and money…. like being a crack dealer or a hit man)  See?  That said, book buying…. not so bad AND….

our book sales books are 50 cents each.

I know right????

Ok, so I am about to post my haul and you tell me in the comments which book you would love to read.  I will choose a winner by submitting comments into  If you win and it is a book I already read, I will send it to you right away.  If it is a book I have not read, I will read it next opportunity I have and then send it to you.  This is a fun way to have a giveaway and at the same time give me a gentle push to read the books I have purchased.

Please note the following pictures are my entire book sale haul.  Below each pic I will list titles (if any) that are not included in the giveaway, ones I wish to keep for my own collection.  I will choose a winner this coming Thursday morning and post in the Morning Meandering.  Please check back to see if you are a winner (I will also email the winner).


Fun Fact – both of the Elizabeth Gilbert books are signed by Elizabeth to her grandmother


Keeping: Scarlett and the Angels and Demons copy (which is a cool large book with illustrations)


Keeping: Wizard of Oz and 100 Banned Books




PicMonkey Collage

There they are!  Have fun choosing 🙂  To enter please leave in the comments the title of the book you would love to win and why.


41 thoughts on “YOU Choose The Next Book I Read and Then You Win That Book!

  1. Hi, my name is Andrea, and I too am a bookaholic! Having just read Gibert’s latest, Big Magic, I’d choose to win “Stern Men”.( as an aside, my cousin Megan Kruse’s book “Call Me Home” has an intro by Gilbert….). That copy of GWTW has a dust jacket and that’s great as its the popular edition that was around when my mother’s copy was sold and few have them anymore ( the cardboard hardcover is grey under it). …also, that ZZPacker book looks good.

    Warning : Robinson’s “Housekeeping” is very dark. Sos the rest of her stuff, but it made me uncomfortable. I’ve read and/ or own a LOT of these….. have fun Sheila

  2. I am a Bookaholic too! I too go to library book sales to buy books to read for a good 6 months into Spring… LOL How about DON’T GO by Lisa Scottoline?

  3. Wow….nice shopping. Our library sale doesn’t have good books like this. LOL!!


    ENJOY all of your books.

    I don’t need to be entered, but I LOVE the books you found.

  4. Can I say what book NOT to read? Scarlett is an abomination and not worth the paper it’s printed on! I wanted to throw it across the bookstore when I read the first few pages. I had been soo excited to read it! Whew sorry for that little rant! How about Committed? I loved it. It was very interesting to read all the details of trying to marry a non-U.S. citizen.

  5. Wow great haul. I love book sales and always find something. I choose Gone with the Wind. I read it a long time ago, but have never owned a copy.

  6. I justify my book/zine addiction the same way 😉 I love library book sales!!! I used to go to them all the time and still check out the sale shelves/cart always on display. The last hour of our sales, the price was “fill a paper grocery bag for $2.”

    Now I mostly get my books via blog giveaways, advanced copies, thrift store shelves, and our condo building’s library.

    Anyway, Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline is my choice.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. So many interesting titles here. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Happy reading. I’d love to read Gone with the Wind. I love the movie but I’ve heard the book is different.Chances are high that I’ll read it if I have a physical copy. Thanks for the giveawaY!

  8. I would choose Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert because I love her writing and find the subject of Marriage and our relationships interesting. For me personally, I have been separated from my husband for two months so reading her love story might help me remember mine. Don’t we all need that reminder from time to time throughout the difficult navigation of Marriage and/or partnering? The fact that it is inscribed to her grandmother makes it even more special, when you consider the “commitments” from grandmother to grandaughter and how we are all impacted by matrimony. Seems like a compelling read to me and I’d love to compare views and reviews with you!

  9. What a wonderful haul. I stayed away from our library sale this year. I didn’t even help set it up. A much safer option. I still have boxes of books from RT in Dallas (my first such event) that I haven’t even opened.
    My choice would be THE KINGMAKER’S DAUGHTER by Philippa Gregory. I love historical fiction, and she is one of the best. This is also one I don’t have.

  10. How about The Great Gatsby, not because it looks like you have two copies 😉 but because I just decided to watch the cinematic version with Leo and Toby and really enjoyed it. Also, I haven’t read the book since high school and I think I should read it again! Thanks!

  11. Wow, Sheila, that is quite the haul! The two books I was drawn to were GONE WITH THE WIND (which I know you recently read) and THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO which you’ve also read. Both are daunting to me because I read too slowly, I think, and have so many books here I still have to read. I’m thinking I’d choose “Knife” since it’s a newer book and one I don’t think my daughter-in-law has read yet (she’s a huge GWTWind fan) so if I read it I can pass it on to her and if it’s as good as everyone says, we’ll have lots to talk about, I’m thinking 🙂 Of course, I’m always hesitant about getting tied up in a series right now simply because, as I said, my TBR is ridiculously long and I don’t have enough time to read *sigh* OH, the torture! lol

  12. At 50 cents you are forgiven. Who could resist. I’d like to throw my name in for the Jamie book for my elder daughter. She is an absolute home maker and would love this one.

  13. You have to read The House Girl by Tara Conklin next. I love historic fiction, and this one caught my eye when it was first published. It is on my Amazon Wish List, but no one has chosen to gift this one to me. The book blurb really caught my attention. If you haven’t read the blurb yet, do it now and you will see why this needs to be your next read.
    Wow, you made quite a haul. Happy reading!

  14. How to choose?! I am leaning toward one of the Lisa Scottoline books or the audio of Twilight….I think I would go with the audio of Twilight. I would love to listen to that one!

  15. I’m Nicole, and I think Gone with the Wind–because I have never read it and everyone tells me it is great!
    Thank you for the chacne to win!

  16. I have to say Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. I saw the movie years ago and loved it. Great to read the book thank you.

  17. Ooo… such a great book haul. I see a Language of Flowers in there -heard great things about it. (not entering as international.)
    I am excited as our bit book fair is this Saturday, all fundraising by our local Lions for various causes. I love supporting it!!
    Enjoy whatever you choose to read first. Wonderful.

  18. I would say go with The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s one that I haven’t read yet. I have always wanted to though

  19. Great haul! If our library sale was only 50 cents per book then I’d buy just as many if not more.

    I would like Baker Towers by Jennifer Haigh. I love historical fiction that is set in the 1940s and this looks right up my alley.

  20. comfort food is the book that I think would be a great book for you to read .Due to everything that has happened . I think it would be very therapeutic @ this time.I just started dialysis treatments in July .Since my kidneys have shut down I need to go to the hospital 3 times a wk for treatments.Thats why I believe it would be a great read thanks & God bless

  21. Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe. Loved the film now I’d like to read the book which after all is all about friendship. Thanks for such a lovely idea, good luck everyone.

    By the way our library constantly has a trolley selling ex-library stock at 50p for a hardback, 25p for a paper back and only 10p if its a childrens/juniors read. Wonderful value and after all you can’t buy a newspaper/magazine for this amount.

  22. I highly recommend “the handmaid’s tale. I read it twenty years ago and could still tell you quotes and plot lines, it’s that good. Also saw, ” the house girl” in your stack. I’ve never read but its on my list! Enjoy!

  23. Oh, my! So many books to choose from. Hmm… how about Housekeeping? I know little about that one. Thank you for offering this giveaway, Sheila!

  24. I would choose Fried Green Tomatoes because I watched the movie with my mother (who is passed) and she loved it so much she watched it several times and talked about it. I never read the book for some reason, but thanks for reminding me.

    Enjoy those books… and I can relate, as all of us can, to buying so many books on sale. Been there, done that, and I’ve read several from your stacks, including the Scottoline ones and Gone With the Wind.

  25. What a great haul from this book sale! Book sales at our local library are one of my favorite events and I have always loved “watching” your adventures with the book sales from afar. My pick would be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am an avid reader and sadly I have never read this book. This has been on my TBR list far too long, think high school (a LONG time ago now). I think that it would be a great book to curl up with now that fall has hit so much of the country.

  26. What a great giveaway. Thank you very much. I choose Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert because I am eager to see how Gilbert handles fiction. I’ve heard so many good things about her nonfiction, but I prefer to read fiction. For anyone who hasn’t read Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café or Gilead, I recommend them both highly. They are very, very different books, but both are excellent.

  27. I LOVE library sales!!
    I’ve never heard of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer and after looking it up on Amazon, I think you should read it. It sounds really good.

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