Morning Meanderings…. Channeling Scarlett


The crispness of fall has hit central Minnesota.

On Sunday it was beautiful and 80 degrees… these past two days the temp has dropped to the high 30’s…. the sky s hazy… the wind has that biting chill.

I am sooooo not ready.

I have never been a fan of winter and this year – tripley so….  I don’t like the cold, the wet, the slip.   I stay inside and this year… that scares me a bit.

Ahhh…. and I digress.  It is not winter.  It is Fall.  And tonight…. is book club.

Tonight my home will turn into Tara, the plantation from Gone With The Wind.  We have been encouraged to dress the part…. you know I love that.  There will be sweet potato pie, fried chicken, corn bread, a Scarlett drink, and…. Angie in my book club is bringing “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A Ham sandwiches”.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my book club?

So today…. I bustle around prepping my home, making signs, dropping my large dog at a friends, baking, and prepping fun discussion questions.


Should make for fun discussion and fun pictures.

Also – I have a giveaway going on my latest book sale haul.  Be sure and check out that post as the winner will be announced on Thursday morning.  🙂

Have you read Gone With The Wind?  What do you think would make a great discussion question for our group?

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Channeling Scarlett

  1. A good question for book club might be: “If Margaret Mitchell had written Gone With the Wind in 2015 do you think her story would’ve had the same impact due to a more politically correct society nowadays? Did the year she wrote the story in allow her more freedom in how she worded it?”
    Enjoy your fun party!

  2. I haven’t read GWTW. The book is a bit too long for my liking, and I’m not much of an historical fiction reader. I did like the movie though.

  3. I read GWTW a few times when I was a teenager…and I have a copy sitting on my shelves, ready to reread…at some point.

    I wonder why Scarlett was so fixated on Ashley Wilkes, when Rhett Butler was so much better for her? Was it her upbringing? Or something more? Maybe she just had to sabotage herself.

    I love how she made her dress out of the old curtains…by doing that, she showed us a strength we might not have realized otherwise.

    Enjoy! Can’t wait for the pictures….

  4. There have been authorized ( and paradies and unauthorized) sequels ( Scarlett- great book, forget the TV serial) and prequels ( Rhett Butler’s People and Ruth’s Journey, both by the same author btw) written.I even have an authorized cookbook in my collection.

    My question reflects my radio habits. Recently, on NPR’s “What D’Ya Know”, Peter Sagel asked Carol Burnett about the GWTW parody they did on her show. Have you ever seen it? It almost got cut by the censors ( full of double entendre). But that green velvet dress made from the curtains where the kept the rod on blew everyone away…and is in the Smithsonian! Question is: why do you think GWTW is seen as an iconic book? Do you think it would be published today? Why/ not?

  5. Scarlett will be the BEST discussion!! She is enough to last the entire night. 🙂

    Your evening sounds so fun. I would love to be there.

    Have a wonderful time at the book club. Love the “ham” sandwiches. So clever.


  6. I have never read the book, but I remember seeing the movie a LOT with my mom when I was little. I have always wanted to read the book.
    I am currently reading something that takes place during the filming of the movie you might enjoy (I got it from Netgalley)–it’s called Stars Over Sunset Boulevard.

  7. Sounds like a fun book club! Love the “Frankly My Dear…” sandwiches. That’s hilarious. I read GWTW, but it was many many years ago, so I don’t have questions to offer.

    I’m a bit nervous about winter. Normally we live in western Washington, which has mild winters (seldom drops below freezing). This year we will be in NYC all winter. Should be interesting!

  8. Oh man, I hope there will be pictures! I am sure you will take some, you are so good a documenting your events. Have a really good time. Wish my book club was up for that kind of fun!

  9. Your book club sounds like so much fun.
    Winter coming? I understand your fears of being home so much when the weather is bad. Just keep lots of projects, call friends when you can’t get out, and keep plenty of tissues on hand. You will learn you are stronger than you think, and come spring you will still have a reserve of tissues, though not as many as you started with. For now, enjoy fall. Hugs, my friend.

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