Book Club Thoughts and Ideas: The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain


The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain was our Bookies Book Club read for February 2014.  I had listened to this one on audio and had reviewed it in November.

Basic synopsis:  Riley MacPherson was just a little girl when her older sister Lisa died.  That moment defined the MacPherson families lives… her brother Danny became distant, her mother turned to grief, and later it was cancer, and her father just kept on trying to be himself.

Twenty years later after her fathers passing, Riley finds evidence in her father’s home that seems to lead to the fact that Lisa did not die after all.  In fact, Riley seems to have stumbled across disturbing facts that change everything she ever knew to be true.  And if Lisa had not died all those years ago… what did happen?  And if she is still alive… where is she?



For most of the Bookies this was their first time reading Diane Chamberlain.  We found her to be an amazing author who writes in a manner that keeps you guessing.  A few in our group had an idea about the big surprise in the book, but no matter what we had guessed ahead of time or not, we all enjoyed the read.


Why does this book make for good book club material?

Silent Sister has excellent discussion points in the book.  There are decisions made in the book that are worth discussing.  Each member of the MacPherson family plays a different role and it is fun to see what book club members think of each part.

There are opportunities to go over, “what would you do,” if given the circumstances that happen in the book as well as discussion of the law and how things could have went.

Another great discussion topic is what people turn to for comfort and each book club member can share what their answer is.


Food and Theme

There is not much to talk about for food in the book.  In fact when I went to make something for book club I could not recall any food discussions or drink for that matter other than coffee.  Cookies in the shape of people (sisters) would be fun to do.

Food could be centered around “Open House” food items as int he book they are trying to sell a house… or even funeral food to represent the loss of Lisa.

Random keys could be used where each book club member draws one and at some point during the discussion shares something that perhaps they had kept quiet during a point int here life (as a child, teen, etc…)


Book Club Discussion Questions Link



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