Morning Meanderings… I LOVE Author Events


Good morning!  Happy Thursday!  THURSDAY!  Does anyone else feel like the week flew by?  I know I have two days left but, the weekend is almost upon us!  (I have an open weekend so imagining the possibilities!)

Yesterday while corresponding with a publishing house they were letting me know of an author who will be in Minneapolis next Tuesday the 17th. Arwen Alys Dayton will be at the Red Balloon Bookstore promoting her book SEEKER, which has already been snatched up to be a movie.  OOH!  I just received SEEKER on audio, it is a beautiful looking book and being compared to the likes of Hunger Games and Divergent.

Arwen Alys Dayton, SEEKER, Bed Ballon, Minneapoils, Book Store, Book JOurney

That is one I would like to go to and have already put the bat signal in the sky for the Bookies to see if anyone wants to go along.

Also, later next week on the 20th at the same book store, Amanda Hockings will be there! That is kind of cool too, she wrote WAKE, and is the first author to sell more than a million copies of her book that was self published!  Crazy cool!!!  I also did not know that Amanda Hockings was a Minnesota author.  (Now the wheels are turning….)

Amanda Hocking, Frostfire, WAKE< Book JOurney, Minneapolis, Red Ballon

I usually have my eye on Magers & Quinn, another book store in the cities that holds a lot of good author events.  Now I know I need to keep an eye on two!


The drive to the cities is about 2 hours and 10 minutes for me.  The going is not hard, it is the fact that most of the events start at 6:30 pm, and I am driving back around 8 or 8:30 pm in the dark.  Still… it doesn’t stop me 🙂


Do you have any author events in your area?  Do you like to attend them?  How far would you drive?

27 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I LOVE Author Events

  1. I am relatively close to NYC…a train ride in under an hour…and of course you know that there are tons of author events there…that I have not attended…so…I love that you have these to go to…I am sure someone will want to come with you!

    I was just sent Seeker…I am starting it tonight…I have read mixed reviews but I can’t wait to read it!

    Have fun!

  2. One of my favorite things to do is attend author events. I live in southeastern Michigan, and when Borders Bookstore was in business, there were quite a few author events right near where I live. Now I usually have to drive at least as far as Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is about an hour and a half drive away. But I have driven as far as Houghton Lake, Michigan, which is a 3 Hour Dr., four an event with Richard Ford at the Houghton Lake Public Library.

    I have plans right now to attend twco other events in Ann Arbor, one with Kazuo Ishiguro at the University of Michigan and the other with Mary Doria Russell at Nicola’s bookstore. The Ishiguro event is in March and the Russell event is in September.

  3. Author events in our country are sparse considering the authors would have to fly in to the Philippines. Although recently (since last year), our local bookstores had been organizing events bringing international authors to the country. Some of the authors were Marie Lu, Laang Leav, Veronica Rossi, Lissa Price, etc. I like attending such events although I had to be a fan of the author.

    Danna @ A Reading Habit

  4. Used to go to author events in Dayton OH at Books and Co. Prior to it’s acqusition by BAM. I stood in line for hours for a number of people, even when I was in the Twin Cities too. They seem to be making a comeback around here in Syracuse too.

    Hey Sheila, keep an ear out for the Book Event for Megan Kruse. They just announced the tour for “Call Me Home”, her first. Megan is my cousin’s oldest. (My cousin is also an author.) I think I remember she’ll be in the Twin Cities this Spring. Her publisher is Hawthorne

  5. We don’t have nearly enough events in my city and sadly, I don’t drive. I would have to sit on the train for almost an hour to see any real authors in Toronto.

  6. I love author events, I just put up a post today about all the ones I’ve attended in the past few days! I’ve got three Indie bookstores within about a 30 mile radius of me, so I’m a lucky girl 🙂

  7. I had a wonderful book signing at Magers & Quinn last July–they were very welcoming and what a cool store! (Parking, however, can be a bit of a nightmare, but that’s the Cities for you. haha)

    I met Amanda Hockings last November at a Rochester book signing we both attended. She was pleasant and unassuming (while I fangirled about how impressed I was with how she build her career all by herself, basically).

    There’s been great buzz around SEEKER, not that there is any more room on my bookshelves–unless I build another room onto my house, which won’t happen anytime soon.


  8. There’s an indie near me (20 minute drive) that host a lot of author events. When an author I like comes to town I’ll go. I’ve met Beth Hoffman, Elizabeth Berg, Rebecca Rasmussen and Debbie Macomber – to name a few. Love author events.

  9. My favorite Indie is 1.5 hours away, so while it is a trek it can be worth it. Later this month there are back to back author events, I’ll be spending the night at a hotel. There are some cities and Indies that seem to get the best author visits, Atlanta is one of them and oddly enough some places in Mississippi.

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