The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain

The SIlent Sister, Diane Chamberlain, Book Journey

Ok seriously… how have I missed out on this amazing author?  ~Sheila

Riley MacPherson was only two years only when her older teenage sister Lisa committed suicide.  Although Riley was too young to really remember Lisa, who was on her way to Julliard as a very gifted musician, Riley does know this was about the time her family fell apart.  Her mother battled with depression and eventually cancer takes her from them.  Her father acts as though nothing has happened at all and refuses to discuss it.  Riley’s older brother Danny begins to pull away from the family and continues to be estranged even into his adult life.

Riley, now in her 20’s returns to her childhood home after her father’s passing to take care of the family properties.  Through encounters with different local people and finding in her father’s home – evidence leads to the fact that Lisa may not have committed suicide after all…

and if that is true….

What happened?  And where is she now?  Is she alive?

The Silent Sister absolutely blew me away.  So good in fact that I flipped through web pages of this authors other books and while I recognized covers, I feel as though I have read none of her other books.  BIG MISTAKE on my part.

The Silent Sister is an excellent take on how far a family will actually go to protect one of their own.  While perhaps well-meaning – the MacPherson’s are the definition of dysfunctional.  Hidden agendas and secrets from one another leave the two remaining MacPherson children (Riley and Danny) left with a twisted mess that only tangles more as the story goes on.  While one might say the plot is too entangled, too messed up – it is that what takes this read to the next level.  Let’s face it – we live in a twisted messed up world.

When we practice to deceive…

I loved this book!  I listened to it on audio and the amazing Susan Bennett narrated very well.  Alternating chapters come in to play as you start to fill in the whole twisted tale.

Absolutely read or listen to this one.  This book rates as one of the best I have read in 2014.

26 thoughts on “The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain

  1. I loved this book it is also one of my favorites for 2014. I have her book “Necessary Lies” on my nightstand to start reading in a day or two. I haven’t read a Diane Chamberlain book I haven’t liked. They all keep me up late into the

  2. Okay, the author came here but I was out of town so I ordered an autographed copy of the book. I’ve been to the bookstore twice since then and have forgotten to pick up my book both times! Argh!

  3. I went through a Diane Chamberlain phase then seem to have forgotten about her. This review makes me want to pick her up again. Thanks for reminding me! Emma

  4. This is not part of a series, but there is a novella called The Broken String that Diane actually wrote after this novel was completed. It gives lots more insight into the earlier lives of Danny and Riley. I have not read this, but I’ve heard great things about it. She is a local (to me) author, so I’ve read several of her books, and heard her speak at events. Her books are all very good, Necessary Lies just came out in paperback.

  5. I loved this book too. I saw Diane speak about it the day it released. She’s my favorite author and excited to see you lovedthe SSilent Sister as much as I did!

  6. I read Chamberlain years ago and although good it wasn’t my taste since I am not a huge fan of family drama and emotion. :-/ Maybe I could give her a try again on audio.

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