Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain Discussion Questions


The following are questions that can be used for book club discussions for Silent Sister.  Some of these questions are found on line at St Martins Press, others are created for our Bookies discussion.


1.  Lisa’s death changed the MacPherson family.  In what ways did each family member react?  What were the long term effects on each family member?

2.  Riley made a career based on what happened to Lisa.  How did that change once Riley knew that Lisa had not died?

3.  Danny is the most bitter of the family.  Why do you think that is?

4.  Danny and Riley’s father made a decision that forever altered their lives.  How do you feel about that decision?  What could he have done differently if anything?

5.  Lisa turned to her violin for comfort.  What do we each turn to for comfort in our lives?

6.  When Danny knows the truth about Lisa, why is he so set on having her arrested?  Is it what you would do?

7.  Celia says, “justice comes in many forms”.  What does she mean by this?  Do you think Lisa has already been through enough or should she answer for what happened in her past?

8.  Riley is undecided at first if she will reach out to Lisa if she finds her.  What is the turning point that makes Riley decide she must encounter her sister?

9.  Jeannie and Verniese both lie to Riley.  Did you suspect they were hiding something?

10.  In what ways do both Riley and Lisa try to connect to the family they have lost?

11.  When Riley discovers the truth about her sister and that she has a whole new life without her, what emotions surface?  How did you feel about this?

12. How do you feel about Riley’s decision to maintain Lisa’s secret and move to Seattle?

13.  Would you recommend this book to others?  Why or why not?

14.  Would you read this author again?



One thought on “Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain Discussion Questions

  1. I loved the book until you made Lisa a lesbian! That is unnatural as a human being! It just goes to show more that people with trouble past seak evil. I was so mad and sad that you made a lesbian relation! Ruined a great book!!! Will never read another book of yours to think this is ok. Very sad!!!

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